Tuesday, January 31

Arigato Tokyo!

Motorpsycho's last proper tour -- Japan 2003 -- spawned a wealth of exciting music. Just the other day I stumbled across a not very widely circulated recording from that very tour on a fellow trader's list. It's a precious little pearl of acoustic session played for the Japanese radio station J-Wave 81.3FM on one of the band's off-days (07.12.2003) at the station's Keyaki Zaka Studio in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. They perform lovely renditions of "Little Ricky Massenburg" & "Bedroom eyes". The former is highlighted by a poignant solo & the latter features a refreshingly sparse arrangement & sweet vocals. They also did an interview with the program's hot host Mibu Minami but unfortunately the interview isn't included in the recording. The recording itself stems from a webcast (realmedia) but sounds nevertheless excellent. Some very brief footage of the session can be seen in Lydverket's (NRK1) Japan documentary (roughly between 27:30-29:45'), that's where I took the screenshots from. Thanks to Uwe Schneider for sharing this small gem (and The other Anders for pointing out the footage in the documentary, thus making it possible to identify location & date)!

Download the recording here. It's 30MB & you will need the Flac Frontend software to decode the files to .wav. Enjoy!

Monday, January 30

For the press

Could this be the new promotion picture which will replace the one with the blue tiles? Or did they just cut it from somewhere to meet the duo-outfit? Or both?

Found at the Rockefeller's event site for the Motorpsycho show.

Sunday, January 29


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Thursday, January 26


Motorpsycho to play Rockefeller! The venue's newsletter did just confirm a show on April 26, 2006. Apparently this will be just a single show for now, whereas many fans had hoped for a classic two-night stand. Tickets go on sale the coming saturday (28.01.2006).
(thanks to Thomas via g35)

It should be interesting to see if they will indeed play Halden the following day, like the rumours want it. If so, local or traveling fans will want to consider a trip there because previous concert-experiences from Halden reveal that "they must have put something in the water down there" as The other Anders once put it -- the concerts from Halden normally make any other Norwegian performance pale in comparison (see the incredible sets from three consecutive years: 2000, 2001, 2002).

The tour-schedule however is slowly taking its final shape -- it's apparently missing just a few Norwegian dates & then we are ready to go! :-)

Wednesday, January 25

Visions' take on all the news

The major German music magazine Visions has a news item about Motorpsycho & "BH/BC" in its current issue. Norman was so nice to transcribe & post it (thanks a lot!):

"Ein wenig routinierter wird man wahrscheinlich im Hause Motorpsycho mit dem Thema Doppelalbum umgegangen sein. Mit dem grossartigen "Timothy´s Monster" im Backkatalog ist man schließlich Wiederholungstöter. Und wer die nach dem Ausstieg von Schlagzeuger Hakon Gebhardt zum Duo geschrumpften Norweger kennt, wird zu Recht vermuten, dass sich mit einem Abstand zum letzten Album "It´s A Love Cult" einfach zu viele Ideen in Songs niedergeschlagen haben. Wer die Tracklist von "Black Hole / Black Canvas" durchsieht, wird schnell feststellen, dass die gezuckerten Zeiten von "Let Them Eat Cake" offensichtlicht vorbei sind: Stücke wie "Kill Devil Hill", "Devil Dog" oder "Before The Flood" erinnern eher an die "Demon Box". Und da Rätselraten ein erprobtes und legitimes Mittel gegen frustrierende Wartezeiten ist, darf bis zum 17.März noch mächtig viel orakelt werden. Schlussendlich wird dann das auf Stickman veröffentlichte Album alle Fragen beantworten."

English readers won't have to worry as the text contains no new information at all (and that's why I didn't bother to translate). Most likely this is just a harbinger of things to come though, because Visions has always been very friendly & receptive towards Motorpsycho (they did feature a couple of Motorpsycho-tracks on their CDs, most notably the "High time" video from Roskilde 1999) -- maybe we can expect a real article come the album-release, or even a cover-feature.

However, I think it's about time the German Rolling Stone acknowledges the importance of Motorpsycho by having a detailed story about the band. They have notoriously neglected the band for years. That's strange enough though, because Motorpsycho's music would most likely go down very well with the Rolling Stone-readers & would certainly gain the band attention with an audience that is beyond their usual crowd.

Øya pictures

A couple of screenshots from the webcast:

Monday, January 23

Complete "In our tree" on-line

If you surf over to the UnOff's frontpage you'll find instructions on how to listen to a stream of a Norwegian radio-program during which the full "In my tree" debuts! I'll make sure to do the same after having opened a couple of cold ones later on tonight. :-)

Reportedly the DJ said that the tune "made me think of Pearl Jam's Dirty Frank [...], so it sounds kind of dated but maybe not really outdated". Needless to say this makes me really curious. Who would have thought there'll be Pearl Jam-references in Motorpsycho's music one day!?

Sitting in Brussels (continued)

There has been some confusion over how the Brussels concert will be organised: with reserved seating or general admission (=without seating on the floor)? Compare my previous post & the comments to it.

While previous experiences indicate that shows at the Cirque Royal won't neccessarily have to be all seated the ticket arrangement for May 07's Motorpsycho show hints indeed to reserved seating. In this thread at the UnOff's forums Joeri points out that "the fact that there is a choice between two tickets means that they have only seats, cheap ones and more expensive ones. [...] When there is a standing area you can only buy one kind of ticket and choose to sit [on the steps] or stand."

Now if you go the Cirque Royal's ticket shop there are two kinds of tickets for the Motorpsycho-event being sold. Which means as of now there will most likely be seats.

Previous Motorpsycho shows with a similiar arrangement included The Coleman Jams (Bergen 2001) as well as the Molde Jazz Festival (2002), where Motorpsycho performed their most adventurous show featuring Jaga Jazzist.

The constantly updated tour-schedule can be found here.

Saturday, January 21

Supersilent 7

Today it has been brought to my attention that Supersilent -- Helge 'Deathprod' Sten's home of the noise after Motorpsycho -- have released their first DVD last September. Though I have been casually following Motorpsycho's various sideprojects through the years it is impossible to keep track with the very diverse activities of Motorpsycho's past & present friends & members in a timely manner (particularly also since In the family has retired). That's why a forwarded review (thanks Hanno!) from the prestigious German weekly paper Die Zeit attracted my attention to the latest Supersilent product only now.

"Supersilent 7" is the documentation of an entire concert shot at Oslo's Parkteatret in August 2004. It was shot & directed by Motorpsycho-artwork-guru Kim Hiorthøy, who also designed the cover. The footage was captured onto 16mm black-and-white film & most reviewers emphasize the resulting outstanding attractive aesthetics.

Being a lover of noise, free-form instant-composing & live-impovisation myself I am thrilled about this release. Though Supersilent's music can be very demanding at times (and sometimes they just push it a bit too far over the top) I've also had very rewarding experiences thanks to their performances, e.g. listening to a constantly building 45 minute piece of spontaneous improvisation at Oslo's Øyafestival in 2003, where they performed on a sunny afternoon to a large festival crowd. Most amazingly it worked!

Here are two pictures of the band: the first one is my very own distant shot of the band from Øya 2003. The second one shows the band soundchecking for a show at Chicago's (IL) Open End Gallery on November 06, 2004; it was taken by Olaf Nelson who also made a fantastic recording of that show (yes, there are Psychonauts in the US too!).

Wednesday, January 18

...and on the drums: Jacco van Rooij

The dutch magazine Peper reveals the name of Motorpsycho's new drummer, here! Peper1 has been so nice to post a translation to the UnOff's discussion forums:

"MP-fans in Norway have been discussing who will be the new drummer of Motorpsycho. Peperonline reveals the 'mystery': Jacco van Rooij, citizen of Eindhoven, has taken place behind the kit. Van Rooij played in bands such as 7Zuma7 and Suimasen. When opened a show for Motorpsycho in Eindhoven's Effenaar a few years ago, Jacco and Motorpsycho got in touch with each other. 'We became friends right away and we kept contact throughout the years', Jacco tells in this weeks Print-edition of Peper. 'In Norway people are guessing who will be the next drummer, but most fans are pretty wrong with their suggestions.' The new Motorpsycho-ablum titled Black Hole/Blank Canvas was also recorded in Eindhoven at The Void. Motorpsycho will play in the Effenaar for the 11th time on may 4th [...]"

This comes a bit as a surprise indeed, because it has been assumed that Even 'Ringo' Granas, drummer for the Norwegian outfit Sanderfinger as well as the the new kid on the block in 2004's Tussler line-up, would jump in as a tour-drummer.

Jacco van Rooij, however, seems to be a most fitting & natural choice too. Motorpsycho's connections to Eindhoven Rock City are multifaceted, diverse & long-dated: Eindhoven's famous club Effenaar is probably the venue the band has played more often than any other club outside of Norway. Even more importantly Pieter 'Pidah' Kloos, sound-wizard at most Motorpsycho shows since 1994, hails from Eindhoven's rich & famous rock-scene. The band has recorded & mixed a fair share of their repertoire at Pidah's Eindhoven Studio The Void (including their latest "BH/BC"). Rooij is a member of Suimasen a band whose Eindhoven-based predecessors & collaboraters include The Alabama Kids, 7Zuma7, The New Creatures & 35007. Motorpsycho have been friends with many of these bands & guys for a long time -- e.g. they have played their very own version of the Alabama Kids' "Black W'abbit" during some shows in the mid-1990s, most notably in Roermond (Holland) in 1995, when they turned the tune into a very long space-infused slow-motion stoner-piece. Motorpsycho have also been supported & joined onstage by The Alabama Kids. More connections include 35007 being featured on Stickman Records -- I still remember vividly how they stole the the show from Motorpsycho at the Stickman Festival in 2001. Suimasen's music on the other hand has often been compared to Motorpsycho's.

Obviously things come to a full circle with the addition of Jacco van Rooij. I am curious to learn how he will influence the band's sound. All power to Eindhoven!

Monday, January 16

The White Birch

Update 17/01/2006: The band & its performance left me seriously underwhelmed: harmless music, devoid of original ideas, in fact rather replaceable with any other artist's music from this genre (and not nearly as touching as Sigur Rós' music, to which their songs bore a lot of resemblance to). The songs didn't lead anywhere & broke off way too abruptly most of the times -- they just didn't allow themselves to let it go. The few uptempo songs which they used to close the main set made several attempts to take off but managed to do so for only some very brief moments. So they had to send one of the members of the touring band back home & had to rearrange the material -- okay. But still the songs just didn't carry the evening enough. There was neither a trace of "Timothy's monster"'s brilliance & diversity nor of Sigur Rós' magic.

A comment from a friend of mine says it all: shortly before the end of the main set she asked me where we would go now for a serious set of rock music. The band was being nice & quiet & intimate but that certain disturbing & serious element to make it outstanding was missing.

Only cool thing about the show was the chick on the organ/keys. She looked damn hot & provided nice backing & occasional lead vocals as well as spacey keys (the organs/keys were intense throughout admittedly). Attentive audience, a bit posh 'n' hip for my taste though, as always at Mudd Club. Paid a tenner at the door -- doesn't feel like a wasted evening after all but I will most likely not go to see them again that soon.

I been checking out a lot of Norwegian bands over the years because of my love & passion for Motorpsycho (next up: Magnet & Cloroform on January 28 at the very same venue). There were some highlights, there were many failures. Just goes to show it's so fucking hard to surpass that greatest of all Norwegian/Scandinavian bands!


I am going to see the Norwegian band The White Birch (from Oslo) at Berlin’s Mudd Club tonight. They have been recommended to me by a Motorpsycho pen pal of mine who insists their music gives him a “Timothy’s monster”-like vibe. Their latest effort “Come up for air” (2005) has been produced & mixed by non other than Helge Sten (aka Deathprod.) at Audio Virus Lab (where many a Motorpsycho-track was mixed). And of course, when doing some random Googling in order to learn more about them I quickly noticed they were the ones wo contributed their very own version of “Demon box” to the Motorpsycho-tribute “Self-indulgent mono minds”! The song-samples on their site sound more like a lighter, more accessible, pop-induced version of Sigur Rós, though. Motorpsycho-resemblance or not, they certainly seem to be a promising act & I am really curious about tonight’s show.

The remaining tour calls at:

16.01.2006 Berlin, Mudd Club
17.01.2006 Hamburg, Tanzhalle
18.01.2006 Bamberg, Morph
19.01.2006 CH- Bern, Morph
20.01.2006 CH- Düdingen, Bad Bonn
21.01.2006 A- Ebensee, Kino

The White Birch live in Essen, Germany, 11.01.2006:

Pictures taken from this concert-review, see also the news-item from Intro.de about that show & the tour in general!

Sunday, January 15

Cirque Royal

I am about to top off an eventful & busy week-end with a lazy sunday evening (featuring the mandatory detective movie on TV), so a couple of random remarks about the Brussels show (May 07, 2006) will have to suffice as today's update.

Firstly, the venue appears to be Cirque Royal as opposed to the previously assumed Le Botanique (or are they the same building after all?). I corrected the tour schedule accordingly. Secondly, the name of The Mons Orchestra -- a Belgian band previously expected to support or co-headline with Motorpsycho in Brussels -- has now disappeared from the event-listing on the venue's website, most likely meaning they have been stricken off the event's bill. Btw, tickets for the show have gone onsale already.

A late 19th century building representing imperial Belgium, the Cirque Royal is reportedly outstandingly beautiful & one of the more uncommon concert venues. Concerts are usually arranged with reserved seating there (a seating chart can be found here). While many fans aren't pleased with the prospect of attending a Motorpsycho show with reserved seating I think it is a unique opportunity to experience the band in a different setting. I don't think a regular headlining Motorpsycho show has been held to a seated audience before, apart from the special occasion of performing the Coleman Jams in May 2001. At least it should be interesting to see how fans & band alike will rise up to this new experience.

Above picture has been borrowed from the Cirque Royal's website. If you happen to know of a better picture (preferrably picturing the inside), please post a link via a comment.

Update 16/01/2006: Apparently not all concerts are conducted with reserved seating at Cirque Royal, compare Hanno's comment to this post. Maybe a ticket-holder to the MP show can shed more light on this?! What does the ticket say? Why were people under the impression that the show will be seated in the first place?

Update 23/01/2006: See the follow-up post here.

Friday, January 13

"Lydverket" online

As expected (see previous post) Wednesday's Lydverket program is now available for streaming. It includes a very short excerpt of Motorpsycho's "In our tree", a song which will be featured on their new album "Black hole/Blank canvas" due March.

It is indeed very short (40 seconds) but you get a good impression of the apparently rich guitar-dominated instrumentation & Bent's very articulated slightly-over-the-top vocals. Sounds like trademark Motorpsycho to me, particularly when they launch into the powerful riff-&-scream-laden chorus. However, it is impossible to tell from this excerpt if we are talking a pre- or post-"LTEC"-sound.

Here is the direct link to the stream. "In our tree" comes on at 23:29.

Btw, there is also a feature about Jørgen Munkeby of Jaga Jazzist during which he talks about their collaboration with Motorpsycho. An excerpt of the "Go to California" video is also being shown.

Thursday, January 12

"In our tree"-excerpt on "Lydverket"

Lydverket -- a Norwegian weekly music program on TV (NRK) -- presented a sneak preview on "BH/BC" in yesterday's episode. Accompanied by a still picture of Bent & Snah they aired a 30 seconds excerpt of "In our tree". Though hard to judge from 30 seconds (some claimed it was only 15-20 seconds) fan reactions were generally very mixed: while many praised the sound as "rough" reminding them on Motorpsycho's pre-"LTEC" output others saw a continuity to the Bård-era sound. Many described it as a "weird pop-rocker".

Usually all Lydverket programs are being made available for streaming shortly after they have aired on TV. I will post an update once yesterday's episode will go online.

Motorpsycho to headline Øya 2006!

Motorpsycho will headline this year's Øya Festival -- an annual festival held at Oslo's beautiful Middelalderparken overlooking parts of the Oslofjord. Here is the news-report. This year's festival will take place between August 09 & 12. It has not been decided yet on which day the band will perform.
(thanks to Trond Brandal via g35, additional thanks to The other Anders & Tommy Maurud)

Motorpsycho has last headlined the festival in 2002, playing a loud 'n' noisy set together with Jaga Jazzist. In 2003 they have been involved with the festival as well, albeit on a smaller scale: The International Tussler Society played the Vor- & Nachspiel (at Rockefeller) as well as the Clubday's circuit (at So what!).

The Øyafestival e-mail newsletter claims this will be Motorpsycho's only festival-job this year. I will create a seperate sidebar-link for a possible summer-festival tour anyway -- you never know.

Here is a picture of the crowd in front of the main stage I took myself at 2003's festival. It's really that beautiful. :-)

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