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January 2007
Sail on
December 2006
Go to Luckwood!
One year MotorpsychoNews
Very old friends
Hagfors Gebhardt Hello!
More from the HGH/Kaizers tour...
Trash Grass på Kontinentet
November 2006
More random stuff from the fall tour
HGH/Kaizers Orchestra tour now underway
Student of your history
Angry young men?!
Roadworks 98
October 2006
Rockefeller II setlist scan
More Bergen
Bergen pictures
Bergen II setlist
Bergen I setlist
Stavanger setlist
Trondheim recordings
Rockefeller II notes
Rockefeller II setlist
Corrected Rockefeller I setlist
Rockefeller I setlist
Little drummer boy
Waiting for the one
Blæst II setlist
Blæst I setlist -- corrected
Blæst I setlist
Bodø setlist
Tromsø setlist
Live! Tonight! Motorpsycho!
The Insect Machine
More gigs
September 2006
No Europe, Norwegian dates added
Tough for Motorpsycho
HGH to support Kaizers Orchestra
Sensory pleasures: HGH on film!
Un tape d'Büxells
Swiss show on Dime
Lots of newer news
August 2006
On the beach
2006 festival tour wrap up
For noise setlist
First fall concert dates!
Øya setlist
Two songs from Haldern
More Haldern
Haldern setlist
No webcast tonight
Haldern tomorrow - webcast?
July 2006
You've seen the heavy groups... (Paradiso torrent)
DAMPSABA updated
Festival tour
June 2006
More spring tour stuff
Hamburg 02.05.2006 - VISIONS review & torrent
Interview with Snah
May 2006
The next tour
Darmstadt setlist
Amsterdam & Rimini pictures
Treviso setlist
Rimini pictures
Rimini setlist
Köln multimedia
Milan setlist
Biel corrections
Concert reviews
Biel setlist
Münster pictures
Köln setlist
Biel poster
Brussels setlist
Amsterdam notes
Off day
Münster setlist
Berlin videos
Eindhoven setlist
Amsterdam setlist
Hamburg setlist
Berlin setlist
Rostock setlist
April 2006
Copenhagen setlist
Gone to see four shows
Rockefeller setlist
Hamar pictures
Hamar setlist
Ten years ago
The return of "K9"
More touring expected
Trondheim setlist
1993 comp on Dime
Good vibes
Motor Psycho
March 2006
The Source
Trondheim II
The art of Sysyphus Vol. 35
Motorpsycho to play Haldern Festival
Summer 2006 tour
Halden finally confirmed
Intro review
Know your bonus single
"BH/BC" reviewed
Rostock show added
Hamar show confirmed
Complete "BH/BC" artwork
Gent 02.09.1993 & Bergen 15.04.1999 reviewed
Complete "BH/BC" artwork: scans
...first "BH/BC" review
February 2006
To listen or not?
"Black hole/Blank canvas"
Press release
Reduced to the max
Pida comments on the drummer situation
My Space
"BH/BC" artwork
Tour line-up not finalized yet?
Five years Motortrades
Fantastiske Pepsi Love
January 2006
Arigato Tokyo!
For the press
Visions take on all the news
Complete "In our tree" online
Sitting in Brussels (continued)
Supersilent 7
...and on the drums: Jacco van Rooij
The white birch
Cirque Royal
"Lydverket" online
"In our tree"-excerpt on "Lydverket"
Motorpsycho to headline Oya Festival
577 redux?
Dr. Hoffman to turn 100
Tour updates
"BH/BC" tracklisting
Mosn Orchestra to support in Brussels
Motorpsycho download special?
Happy new (motorpsychodelic) year!
December 2005
Fancy a new job, Geb? ;-)
New album news
German tickets
Rockefeller 30.04.2000 on Dime
Paradiso tickets onsale24.12.1005
Stickman confirms tour dates
Updated schedule
German dates confirmed
Three Italian dates
FNR tickets on sale 21.12.2005
True underground
Tour dates shaping up


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