Friday, December 16

True underground

Motorpsycho have been playing the same venues all over Europe again & again, for more than ten years now. Some venues (like Eindhoven's Effenaar) saw more than ten Motorpsycho shows this way, some had Motorpsycho on their stages for several consecutive years. As a friend of mine put it in an e-mail: "That is true underground". And sure enough the band is already semi-confirmed for some classic venues like Effenaar or Velvet in spring 2006.

Here is a number of links to some familiar venues the band has played in the past as well as to a couple of others which they might perform during the next tour (in random order, without Norway for now):

Copenhagen's Loppen, Copenhagen's Vega, Copenhagen's The Rock, Bremen's Schlachthof, Hamburg's Docks, Hamburg's Knust, Hamburg's Logo, Hamburg's Grosse Freiheit 36, Forum Bielefeld, Bielefeld's Kamp, Hannover's Faust, Hannover's Capitol, Groningen's Vera, Utrecht's Tivoli, Tilburg's 013, Rotterdam's Nighttown, Brussels' Ancienne Belgique, Köln's Live Music Hall, Mannheim's Capitol, Darmstadt's Centralstation, München's Backstage, München's Feierwerk, Strasbourg's La Laiterie, Arena Wien, Zürich's Rote Fabrik, Feldkirch's Poolbar, Kulturfabrik Esch, Gothenburg's Sticky Fingers, Cortemaggiore's Fillmore, Trezzo d'Adda's Live Club, Kiel's Pumpe, Hamburg's Fabrik, Zollhaus Leer, Leipzig's Conne Island, Dresden's Starclub, Brussels' Botanique, Copenhagen's Stengade 30, Berlin's Kesselhaus, Berlin's (new) Postbahnhof, Berlin's SO36, Reutlingen's Zelle, Den Haag's Pard, Düsseldorf's Zakk, Stockholm's Debaser, Brugge's Cactus Club, Haarlem's Patronaat, Gothenburg's Pustervik, Geneve's L'usine, Mezzago's Bloom, Hamburg's Markthalle, Aschaffenburg's Colos Saal, Übach-Palenberg's Rockfabrik, Paris' Nouveau Casino.

It's probably only a matter of time until Motorpsycho dates will be added to the clubs' programmes. Many of them have already updated their concert calenders until June 2006 & later. Click away!

Personally I'd love if they played the very cool Fabrik in Hamburg & the edgy SO36 in Berlin (Tussler had worked just so well at those). A date in Berlin seems unlikely at this point though. Here's also hope for a performance at the legendary Schlachthof in Bremen.


Anonymous psychonot said...

"And sure enough the band is already semi-confirmed for some classic venues like Effenaar..."

Too late--that venue was reduced to a smoking pile of rubble last summer. There now stands a hulking modern mass of concrete also called the Effenaar, but so far Motorpsycho has never played there!

1:11 PM  
Blogger khm said...

uh, that's interesting too hear, but also a bummer because i was looking foward to finally check out the infamous (and original) effenaar during the tour.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No chance! It's also sad to see the remaining few bricks of what was once the very cozy cafe still standing, next to the big grim impersonal grey giant. Some of the best MP gigs I ever saw in the 90s were in that wonderful, unique and friendly club.

Then again, new Effenaar: no way back!

4:21 PM  

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