Thursday, December 15

Tour dates shaping up

Here is a (very) tentative schedule for Motorpsycho's European Tour in spring 2006. It has been compiled by announcements on venue websites as well as from rumours. The dates in brackets are my guesses.

April 27 - Halden, NOR
April 28 - (Gothenburg)
April 29 - Copenhagen, DK
April 30 - (Germany)
May 01 - (Germany)
May 02 - (day off)
May 03 - (Germany or Holland)
May 04 - Eindhoven, NL @ FNR, FNR website
May 05 - (Holland)
May 06 - (Holland)
May 07 - (Belgium)
May 08 - (day off)
May 09 - (Germany)
May 10 - (Switzerland)
May 11 - Biel, CH @ Coupole or Rimini, IT @ Velvet,
Coupole website
/ Velvet website
May 12 - Treviso, IT @ New Age Club, New Age Club website
May 13 - (Italy)
May 14 - (Italy)

There is also a rumour about a show at M√ľnster's Skater's Palace, a shabby skater joint in the middle of the german nowhere. It's a venue the band hasn't played yet & I am sure this will make for a great show right out there on the edge. The allleged date is "sometime in May", which makes a date within the first week of May rather feasible (see above schedule). Also it seems pretty plausible they'll definitely play both - Biel & Rimini - though apparently it has not been decided yet on which dates. Another rumour has it that negotiations are currently underway for a hometown show in March.

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