Thursday, January 12

Motorpsycho to headline Øya 2006!

Motorpsycho will headline this year's Øya Festival -- an annual festival held at Oslo's beautiful Middelalderparken overlooking parts of the Oslofjord. Here is the news-report. This year's festival will take place between August 09 & 12. It has not been decided yet on which day the band will perform.
(thanks to Trond Brandal via g35, additional thanks to The other Anders & Tommy Maurud)

Motorpsycho has last headlined the festival in 2002, playing a loud 'n' noisy set together with Jaga Jazzist. In 2003 they have been involved with the festival as well, albeit on a smaller scale: The International Tussler Society played the Vor- & Nachspiel (at Rockefeller) as well as the Clubday's circuit (at So what!).

The Øyafestival e-mail newsletter claims this will be Motorpsycho's only festival-job this year. I will create a seperate sidebar-link for a possible summer-festival tour anyway -- you never know.

Here is a picture of the crowd in front of the main stage I took myself at 2003's festival. It's really that beautiful. :-)


Blogger khm said...

btw, other MP-related performances at Øya 2003 included Cream of the Crop (feat. Geb on banjo), Supersilent & Groan Alone on the tiny Kampen Bistro stage. The picture was taken the last day in early afternoon between Mogwai's & Supersilent's set.

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