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Concert Chronology 2004

11.06.2004 -- Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival, Düdingen, Switzerland [112 min]
Attendance: 1000
Set: Überwagner, Starmelt/Lovelight, Neverland, In The Family, Sister Confusion, Mad Sun, Bonny Lee -> All Is Loneliness, Trixeene, Go To California, Vanishing Point, You Lied -> Loaded
Encore 1: The Wheel, Black To Comm
Encore 2: Fool's Gold

Notes: Motorpsycho's first show in Europe since the "Love cult" tour finale in Trondheim on November 30, 2002; they are headliners of the second day of this intimate festival. The band appears as a trio, it's the first time since Roskilde 1999 (03.07.1999) that the band performs as a trio on an European stage. The setlist is comprised of a great number of rarities, old & new tunes: "Sister confusion" has not been played since Hannover 05.05.1997; "Loaded" hasn't been played since Moss 18.03.1998; "Vanishing point" was only played once before in Tilburg 27.11.1998; "In the family", "Mad sun" & "The wheel" were just brought back to the repertoire after years long absences during the Japan tour 2003 just half a year ago (compare the Concert Chronology 2003); "Bonny Lee" has been premiered during the Japan run but is given a new arrangement here & finally "Trixeene" is a new song which debuts tonight (eventually to be released on 2006's "Black Hole/Blank Canvas").
They take the stage shortly after midnight & right from the start it is obvious the trio is in good spirits, in the mood to play, everyone looks great, and judging by the huge array of T-shirts representing every year from 1994 onwards it was likewise plain to see there are loads of folks who haven't deserted the band. The concert opens with a long drawn-out jam that intros "Überwagner", making this a ten minute version of the song. The sound (mainly the vocals) sucks for the first three songs but improves eventually. After "Überwagner" Bent animates the crowd: "Good evening boys & girls. Wir sind Motorpsycho aus Norwegen & heute Nacht sollen wir rocken wie Teufel!". They keep the promise & go on to deliver an in-your-face rock show. Says Bent when introducing "Sister confusion": "This is something from when we were young." Highlights of the show include the aforementioned rarities, particularly the furious scream-rocker "Loaded" pleases the hardcore fans. "Bonny Lee" gets the space treatment, with some heavy repititive grooves, it segues seamlessly into "All is loneliness", this combination lasts 18 minutes. "Trixeene" has a college rock feeling. Before "You lied" they tease "I believe to my soul" by Ray Charles who had passed away the previous day. There is an unidentified but pretty lengthy tease inside the "Black to comm"-jam, complete with lyrics.

Misc.: discuss
Tape: complete MiniDisc

26.06.2004 -- Palaisrevolutie Festival, Vredenburg (Grote Zaal), Utrecht, Holland [88 min]
Set: Überwagner, Trixeene, Hogwash, In The Family, Vanishing Point, Starmelt/Lovelight, Neverland, Bonny Lee, The Wheel, Fool's Gold
Encore 1: You Lied -> Loaded

Notes: A weird setting tonight: Vredenburg is being described as a mazy Escher-like building, everybody gets lost all the time & smoking is not allowed in the Grote Zaal. Also this show coincides with a quarterfinal game Sweden vs Holland during the 2004 European Soccer Championship (Holland beats Sweden) -- a large part of the festival attendees is way into the game which is being screened at the venue & thus the main hall does not fill up to capacity when the band takes the stage.

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Tape: complete MiniDisc


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