Friday, December 30

Fancy a new job, Geb? ;-)

I found this lovingly & carefully hand-drawn flyer attached to a street lamp's pylon on Wrangelstrasse in Berlin's S036 neighbourhood (Kreuzberg) last spring roughly around the time Geb quit Motorpsycho. The text reads:

"Grateful Dead, Country Joe & the Fish, Allman Brothers Band, Crosby, Stills & Nash. Woodie Guthrie, Billy Bragg, Incredible String Band, The Violent Femmes, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash...If you like some of these bands and if you play the banjo or the drumkit or the mandoline or the vocals or the guitar and if you are looking for a folk-bluegrass-country-project and if you like to play on the streets or busking in the park...then call Frank 420 81959!".

I fell in love with it (and the musical idea behind it) immidiately & couldn't resist picking it up (there were more) & putting it online here. I am sure Frank could use some of Geb's rich Tussler/HGH/Cream Of The Crop-experiences in this genre. ;-)

Needless to say that I very much hope that Frank manages to put together this project because this could very well become my (new) favourite local band. I just need to stumble across them "playing on the streets or busking in the park".


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