Friday, December 23

Rockefeller 30.04.2000 on Dime

Though Motorpsycho have voiced their disapproval of online-trading of their shows, every now & then a torrent is being seeded on Dimeadozen. Currently there is a torrent for the Cake-Tour-Finale at Oslo's Rockefeller 30.04.2000. This is supposed to be a radio recording (of unknown origin & lineage). You will have to register with Dime to be able to download the recording.
(thanks to Björn, via Motortrades).

There were Cake Tour shows which were more far out & magic but if you are looking for a good representation of Motorpsycho's "LTEC"-era sound in superior sound-quality this is the recording to get. It's the only complete radio recording of a show from that tour. The setlist is well balanced between pop & jam numbers, leaning slightly towards the hits. Highlights include a dreamy "Blueberry daydream" (says Bent: "We are Crosby, Stills, Nash & Bård."), a floating "SWS III", a psychedelic rendition of "All is loneliness", juicy takes on "Walking with J", "Black to comm" & "Hogwash" as well as "Golden core" to cap off the main set.

Btw, there are two HGH torrents on Dime too: Freiburg 2003 & 2005.


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if dime tells you that it has reached its user limit upon registration just keep on trying - new accounts normally will be available daily.

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