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2006 Concert Chronology Part III (fall)

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07.10.2006 -- Blå, Oslo, Norway
Attendance: 100-150
Set: included: Train Kept A'Rollin (Tiny Bradshaw), Trouble, Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin), Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Pretty Things), Zig Zag Wanderer (Captain Beefheart), I Believe To My Soul (Ray Charles), You Give Me Whiskey, I Play Guitar, Clever Duck Boogie; plus three to four more songs

Notes: Legendary DJ's Harald Are Lund 60th birthday party. Performed under the name The Insect Machine. Line up: Bent on drums, Snah on lead-guitar & vocals, Willy B. on rythm guitar, Per Borton on bass, Burt Rocket on vocals & organ. The set is mostly composed of covers but "Clever Duck Boogie" is a newly composed song in honor of the birthday child. Bent comments on "Moby Dick": "No skaill æ spell trommesolo". The performance is raw, loud & dirty, just dirty blues rock & Snah plays guitar like a god.

Misc.: discuss, a picture of the band in action, I believe on YouTube, Whisky & Rock 'n' Roll on YouTube

19.10.2006 -- Driv, Tromsø, Norway [115 min]
Set: The Other Other Fool, High Time -> Starmelt/lovelight, Triggerman -> Manmower, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, New, Insert Songtitle, Flick Of The Wrist, She's A Lover, No Evil, Hyena -> You Lied, Sinful-Windborne, Neverland, Psychonaut
Encore: Summertime Blues, The One Who Went Away

Notes: The first show of the Norway-exclusive fall tour 2006. The band appears as a trio: with Jacco van Rooij on drums but sans Øyvind Brandtsegg. This is another band than the one who toured in spring: extremely confident & heavy! They rock like a careless tank running through the woods on high speed, leaving a trail of broken trees behind it. The jams are loud and chaotic, they don't take things down to build them up again, they just carry on with unvaried force. The setlist might be slightly out of order. "Summertime blues" & "The one" were not on the setlist, their placement is uncertain, set & encore seperation remain unclear as well. The band introduces a good number of not-played-in-a-long-while tunes: most notably "The other other fool", which was last performed in summer 2000, but also "High time", "Flick of the wrist", "Sinful wind-borne" & "Psychonaut", all of which were performed the last time during the bands real last major tour during fall 2002. "Insert song title" is a new song, most likely the same song that was debuted at the For Noise Festival, August 2006, it is written as "[...]" on the setlist(s). "She is a lover" is a cover by the Pretty Things. "The other other fool" runs for 12 bluesy minutes. The trio plays hard & loud. Jacco is now much more part of the band. He also does back-up vocals & he receives less cues from Bent.

Misc.: discuss, setlist-scan, a picture of the trio, Tromsoby review

20.10.2006 -- Sinus, Bodø, Norway
Set: The Other Other Fool, No Evil, High Time, Starmelt/lovelight, Triggerman -> Manmover, Flick of the Wrist, Devildog, Insert song title, Sinful, Wind-borne, Kill Devil Hills, Psychonaut, Blueberry Daydream, Hyena -> You Lied, Loaded
Encore: Wearing Yr Smell, Neverland, The One Who Went Away

Notes: The correct setlist, running order & set/encore seperation remain unconfirmed. "Blueberry daydream" might have been ommitted although it was on the written setlist while the last three numbers were not on the the setlist. The mega-rare hit "Wearing yr smell" returns (perhaps to celebrate the reissue of the CD-version of the EP the day before?) -- after three performances in 2004, this is the fourth performance in 9 years, since it was last performed in Biella 23.05.1997 -- and it rocks, they scream it out with passion! All in all the setlist resembles very much the previous night's selections. The venue is very packed but the sound sucks.

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21.10.2006 -- Blæst, Trondheim, Norway [122 min]
Attendance: ~250
Set: The Other Other Fool, No Evil, High Time -> Starmelt/Lovelight, Sinful,Windborne, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Manmower, Flick Of The Wrist, Insert Song Title, Wearing Yr Smell, Sail On, Psychonaut -> Within, Without You -> Blueberry Daydream -> I Can See For Miles -> Psychonaut, Hyena-> You Lied-> Loaded
Encore: Summertime Blues, Neverland, The One Who Went Away

Notes: The first of two shows in Trondheim as part of the Tjuvstart festival. Sold out. The venue is very intimate. The actual concert 'hall' is on the first floor. As the ceiling is low, the stage comes to around knee-height and there are around 10 rows until you hit the chairs and tables at the back end, it feels almost like seeing the band play at any given attic room. The soundboard is facing the front of the stage, but at the very left side (from the audience) as there is no room anywhere else. The sound is very well balanced, clear and pretty loud. Pretty drunken crowd, beer throwing occurs. Loud & rocking show! It is just great to see the band on stage again. Really striking how tight they are. The vibe this night is 'Motorpsycho the party band'; or at least in how much that is possible. Another night without major improvisations but "Flick of the wrist" runs for 13 mostly fast-paced minutes. "Psychonaut" is super jammed out, even including The Beatles' "Within, without you" (previously done in 2002) & 2006's second "Blueberry daydream" (first Treviso 12.05.2006) plus bits of The Who's "I can see for miles", complete with some lyric-snippets to top off this awesome jam, which lasts 12 minutes. "Blueberry daydream" is not complete, they play just the first two verses but leave away the last part. During "Devil dog" Bent has some problems with his bass. Somehow one of the plugs got detached from one of his pedals. He trys to fix it, but that doesn't work so he needs help from Ken. While he/they are trying to fix it, Bent keeps signalling to the band to keep playing, resulting in a nice guitar and drums jam. "Flick of the wrist" serves as a centerpiece of the show. The segue between "High time" & "Starmelt/lovelight" is very smooth. Huge sing-along factor on "You lied" & "Loaded", the latter is very heavy & wild! Snah is on fire & fun to watch. Jacco is confident. The encores were not on the written setlist.

Misc.: discuss, poster, setlist-scan, ticket-scan, four pictures, Adressa review, Torrentdownload on Dime, excerpt of "Hyena" on YouTube

22.10.2006 -- Blæst, Trondheim, Norway [140 min]
Attendance: ~250
Set: Psychonaut -> Jam -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut, Insert Song Title, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Before The Flood, Wearing Yr Smell, High Time -> Starmelt/Lovelight, Triggerman -> Manmower, No Evil, Hyena -> You Lied, Hogwash
Encore: Un Chien D'Espace (w/ Øyvind Brandtsegg)

Notes: The show was due to start at 20.30 but as Rosenborg were playing their match of the year, it was postponed to after that match. Probably very wise as every Trønder was watching the match. Moments after the match finished, the band hits the stage to play a perfect gig blowing everyone away. An amazing crystal-clear sound & a very attentive audience (says Bent: "Is it respect or boredom?") are just the icing on the cake, the band's performance is top notch! It really is a joy to listen to Snah's playing tonight, especially with that sound. Tonight there is more room for jams and not so much emphasis on loud rock. "Psychonaut" features the complete "Blueberry daydream" all the way up to the last part "...she is the sickness & she is the cure...", which was omitted the previous night. "Hogwash" is very long & noisy, bursting with bass-riffs, at moments resembling the hypno-rock of "The faster we get" in many "K9"s. Still it seems as if the band holds back a little during this jam & doesn't let it go as far as for example in Amsterdam in spring (03.05.2006). After "Hogwash" and some comments from Bent the band leaves the stage. This actually means them stepping off the left side, going through the audience to reach the wardrobe and the dressing room. After they left, Ken and some other guy appear to start breaking up the equipment as if the show is over. However, after a few minutes Øyvind appears on stage with the band following him. As soon as Bent takes up his black guitar it's clear this is going to be something special: Øyvind joins the band for the encore-selection "Un chien d'espace" -- this is his only appereance with the band during this tour! While the audience is still talking, Bent starts the slow intro jam to the song. This version clocks in 34 minutes & encompasses every improvisational mode from quiet to very noisy & hard driven passages. Early on in the jam it seems as if Snah is not happy with his guitar, trying all his knobs and at one point holding it very close to his amp for some feedback. At the same time Ken is on stage next to Øyvind signalling heavily to Pidah which gives the performance some sort of 'work in progress'-feel. They manage to get the problems fixed eventually. Fantastic playing & great interaction in the band throughout this definite version. The build-up is fantastic, all four of them are deep into the same groove rocking heavily and going far out. During the quiet parts everyone in the room holds their breaths, not a sound, except the band playing. Then, during Øyvind's solo Bent, Snah & Jacco just stop playing and stand there with their eyes closed, the audience dead-qiet, the amps can be heard buzzing - a mesmerizing moment! The very end finds Bent playing slowly, still with his eyes closed and completely into the music, the audience still holds their breaths & doesn't even move until the very last quiet sound has faded away, a close to religious experience that left many psychonauts speechless! "The wheel" was on the written setlist (after "Hogwash") but wasn't played.

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24.10.2006 -- Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway [137 min]
Attendance: 1300 (sold out)
Set: The Other Other Fool, Wearing Yr Smell, Insert Song Title Here, Kill Devil Hills -> Manmower, In The Family, Flick Of The Wrist, She's A Lover, High Time -> Starmelt/Lovelight, Sinful Wind-Borne, Sail On, Psychonaut -> Within, Without You -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut, Neverland
Encore 1: No Evil, Hyena -> You Lied -> Hogwash -> Don't Look Around
Encore 2: The One Wo Went Away

Notes: A great, great show thorougly satisfying everyone: total tractor power-rock, insanely loud & first & foremost heavy, tight, mean & dirty! They storm through the set as a very stripped down trio, shuffeling one song after another down the audience's throat with almost as much force as in 1993. The only breather they serve tonight is "Manmower", everything else rocks heavily, Bent doesn't even find the time to adress the audience! They seem to enjoy the gig a lot though, crowd-pleasing as hell. Many fans applaude the overwhelming tightness of the trio, especially Jacco has grown to be a confident part of the band, it really gels among the three of them. At some points though Pidah adds some sound effects using a midi keyboard (e.g. in "Kill devil hills" & "Hogwash"). Both Bent & Snah are out of voice in the end of the show, and Snah is being described as more active on stage than ever! All songs are performed faster than the original versions except for "The other other fool", which is really cool & the only song that is performed slower than the original. "Insert song title" is approximately two minutes shorter than the summer-version performed in Switzerland in August, new with this version is that they skip the slow and heavy riff. The Pretty Thing's "She's a lover" is performed the seond time. The jams in "Flick of the wrist" range from gentle to intense. Tour premiere of "In the family". Someone calls out a favourite song they never expect to come, and Bent just points at the guy after the call out in a "Thats the one!"-pose, before ripping into "Sinful wind-borne". The middlepart of "Psychonaut" is simply astounding. There are projections of images of the Columbine massacre spliced with Norwegian classic childrens program from the 1970's "Through the keyhole" during the song. When they return for the first encore Bent carries a dark-red bra, which a member of the audience had thrown on stage before. He hangs it on one of Jacco's cymbals, adding: "Trøndelags Tom Jones du liksom!" During the brutal version of "Hogwash" they allow Jacco to do some drum-solo-like passages. Inmidts the "Hogwash"-jam Jacco suddenly does a countdown on his cymbals and the band launches effortlessly into a really fast and heavy "Don't look around", a new selection, a cover by Mountain, a very heavy tune, totally drowning in metal-like noise particularly after the definite sonic mayhem of "Hogwash". The sound during this number is way over the top, like a big blur of white noise, simply impossible to decipher Snah's vocals. The audience started leaving after "Don't look around" only to rush back when the band comes back for the second encore "The one". Quite entertaining to see the band almost rushing back on stage in order to capture the audience before they would leave. Then, after the second encore the audience keeps demanding more for a long time. Common consensus after the show was that it made the spring-performance at the same venue pale in comparison & that this was the best Motorpsycho in years.

Misc: discuss, Oslopuls review

25.10.2006 -- Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway [132 min]
Attendance: 800
Set: Un Chien D'Espace, Flick Of The Wrist, Kill Devil Hills, Manmower, Foot's Flower (new song), Before The Flood, Triggerman -> Devil Dog, Psychonaut -> Hawkwind Cover -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut
Encore 1: Wearing Yr Smell, Starmelt/Lovelight, Neverland, Hyena, You Lied, Loaded
Encore 2:
The One Who Went Away

Notes: Tonight it's all about Jamspacemotorfloydhawkwind, the playing is a lot more varied as opposed to the previous night, they allow themselves some quiet & dynamic passages which build up to the wall of sound produced the previous night! Most songs are back to normal tempo. Rockefeller is not sold out, only the floor is open, the gallery is closed. The opening "Un chien d'espace" clocks in 23 minutes, this second performance of the tour features another really heavy sonic assault as jam, really hard & culminating in almost industrial-like fizzling noises. After the show Bent told a fan "I wanted to have it like GOZILLA!" & that's indeed how they make it sound! No intro-jam tonight, just some seconds of ambient space-noodlings & then they already give the psyched crowd the intro. This is the first time "K9" is performed as trio since 1999! Early on in the concert Bent says "We're in a jamming mood today!". "Flick of the wrist" goes from intense to fragile playing by Snah, it runs for 14 minutes. "Kill devil hills" is full of energy as usual (~10 min), followed by a very well performed "Manmower" (~9 min). The new song is amazing & epic, clocking in 13 full minutes: it features multiple sections, Bent and Snah each sing their own individual parts. Starts off with some really intricate riffing and verses, then goes into a quiet, psychedelic middle section with Snah singing, and then a fantastic loud breakdown before entering the main theme again in a triumphant way. Totally mindblowing, heavy & noisily droning away. Bent (half-jokingly?) introduces it as "Foot Flower" (on the setlist written as "Phoot's Phlower" -- given the complexity of the song perhaps a hint to the late american jam-band Phish?). He adds that all the jamming made them a bit nervous, and now they were going to do something that made it even more nervewrecking for them, to play a new song. Snah sings extremely well on "Before the flood": an octave lower than usual & a little less stressed vocal than the original. His solos create goosebumps! "Triggerman" starts out as usual, but just a couple of minutes into the jam, Bent starts to play the "Devil Dog" bass riff, gives Snah and Jacco a stare, which makes Snah switch guitar, followed by a transition into "Devil Dog". The "Psychonaut"-jam is very enjoyable, it features the complete "Blueberry daydream" again. The "Hawkwind"-cover inside the jam remains unidentified, they play it for about 2,5 minutes even including some spoken-words lyrics by Bent, the entire "Psychonaut"-jam is a lean 10 minute power-track. The Columbine-footage shown during the song the previous night is missing tonight. Returning for the first encore Bent says they have no more songs for this set so they are going to play some pop songs. He tells the audience to dance and sing along to, which they do. There is even a mosh-pit during "You lied" & "Loaded". The "Neverland"-solo is a highlight, but many attendees emphasize the anticlimatic charakter of the "pop"-encore after the main's set inspired & heavy jamming. An incredible show rounding off a brilliant two-night-stand at the classic Rockefeller.

Misc.: discuss, setlist-scan

27.10.2006 -- Folken, Stavanger, Norway [127 min]
Attendance: 600
Set: The Other Other Fool, No Evil, Coalmine Pony, Sinful Windborne, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Before The Flood, Manmower, Flick Of The Wrist, Insert Song Title, Wearing Yr Smell, Psychonaut -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut -> High Time -> Starmelt/Lovelight -> Neverland
Encore 1: Hyena, You Lied, Loaded
Encore 2: The One Who went Away

Notes: Not sold out. Quite a few talking people in tonight's crowd not paying attention during the first hour of the show. Bent experiences problems with his black Sting-Ray bass during "Sinful wind-borne" & "Kill devil hills" throwing it to the ground during the latter, looking quite angry, he gets another bass, starts playing with it, and a while later it seems to work well, so Bent smiles and gives a thumb to Ken who was in the wings. When the same Sting Ray bass gets handed to him later on in the show he refuses to play it though he is being told it has been checked and is working now. "Flick of the wrist" is really long and jammy. A great rock n' roll show with a few quiet moments ("Flood", "Manmower", jam-parts in "Flick"). Highlights include "Manmower", "Flick", "Wearing yr smell", "Psychonaut -> Blueberry daydream" & "Loaded". "Hogwash" was on the written setlist, but is being substituted with "Loaded". "The one who went away" was not on the written setlist.

Misc: discuss, setlist-scan

28.10.2006 -- Kvarteret, Bergen, Norway [135 min]
Attendance: ?
Set: Heaven & Hell, Wearing Yr Smell, High Time, Starmelt/Lovelight, Triggerman -> Manmower, Sinful, Wind-borne, Kill Devil Hills, Psychonaut -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut, Sail On, All Is Loneliness, Before the Flood, In the Family, Flick Of The Wrist
Encore 1: No Evil, Hyena, You Lied, Loaded
Encore 2: Neverland, The One Who Went Away

Notes: Setlist might be slightly incomplete & out of order. This show combines an intimate venue with excellent sound & a very attentive, polite but animated audience, making this a great concert experience. The room is very hot, which seemingly increases the energy-level on- & off-stage. "Heaven & hell" has not appeared on a setlist since 13.11.1997 in Nijmegen, Holland, a great rarity to give this kick ass show a knock-out 1,2,3,4 full-attack mode start-off! Also "All is loneliness" makes its 2006 debut! The band is in great shape, smiling, laughing, kicking around on stage. As in previous shows of this small tour Jacco proves that he can pull it off: he playes "more" altogether, e.g. uses a lot more cymbals than in spring. Tonight they play one of the most intense "Manmower"s, the song has grown a lot during the tour until tonight. The moment after the long jam when Snah continues playing the guitar and Jacco picks up the real drumsticks, is intense: one moment of silence & the coda explodes! The jam inside "Psychonaut" features some unrecognised lyrics. A very long "Flick of the wrist" continues the great vibe as set-closer: it keeps going, up, down, getting more intense for each wave until it explodes into something fantastic.

Misc.: discuss, five nice pictures

29.10.2006 -- Kvarteret, Bergen, Norway [144]
Attendance: ?
Set: Space -> Un Chien D'Espace, The Other Other Fool, No Evil, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Manmower, Insert Song Title, Psychonaut -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut -> High Time -> Starmelt/Lovelight, Wearing Yr Smell, Sinful Wind-borne, Hyena, You Lied
Encore 1: All Is Loneliness
Encore 2: Flick Of The Wrist

Notes: Last show of the Norway Fall Tour 2006. Quite a long show featuring a very well balanced pop-rock/jam-ratio. The venue is fairly packed tonight too but there is enough room to dance. As with the other two-night stands of this tour (Trondheim, Oslo) they save "Un chien d'espace" for the second night: when Bent walks on stage guitar in his hand it's clear that tonight it's an opener again, 23 minutes, including a little but atmospheric two-minute space before the intro. The jam starts mid-tempoish with some meandering improvising but soon enters a continueous acceleration. When they reach the climax the band sounds like an aeroplane at take-off. "The other other fool" is brought down to a doom-like tempo & groove. A blues-induced solo intros this version. In the middle solo, Snah shines like a blues-god with a blistering & deep solo. During the "Psychonaut"-jam Bent tries to make eye-contact with Snah for a long time while going into another phase of the jam, but Snah keeps on playing having his eyes closed fully concentrating on the guitarwork. Just as in Stavanger tonight again Bent gets upset with his Sting Ray bass during "Devil Dog" smashing it into the ground & throwing it behind the stage while Jacco & Snah keep playing until Bent has switched to the same replacement bass as in Stavanger. After the show he told a fan that he just didn't get the sound he wanted with that Sting Ray. It does not come as a surprise that the show would not pass without someone mentioning football. First someone from the crowd shouts "Rosenbo-org" to which Bent just smiles. Then someone shoutes "Brann" and Bent again (who is a actually Rosenborg fan) replies with a clever smile that he wouldn't comment. Brann (from Bergen) were top of the league and runaway winners for most of the season, until they started collapsing and eventually lost the title to Rosenborg earlier Sunday evening (when Motorpsycho played the second Trondheim show). On Bent's amp, appropriately, the score "1-3" is written, reffering to the score in the game between Brann and Rosenborg one week earlier, where Rosenborg secured the title. The encores are all about jam: "All is loneliness" makes for a perfect encore, lasting close to 17 minutes. They omit the guitar-riff, instead there is just a bassline. This version is beautiful & dynamic: it starts quietly with Bent gently tapping the strings but soon enters a really funky groove upon which they carry on for a while until it is being brought down for the band to sing the first verse. The inter-verse jam is dominated by deep cascades of chords by Snah, supplemented by Jacco who plays his most flexible & elastic beats it seems! When they take the jam down the audience is rather quiet, but then someone starts clapping their hands and someone shouts something like "Shlutt å klapp a, bønder". The song ends quietly again with Bent gently whispering "All is loneliness" in his mic. "Flick of the wrist", which was not on the written setlist, is really long too, just a little short of 20 minutes. A great ending to the show many people thought after "All is loneliness" and started leaving the venue. Then the band appears on stage once more and people turn around and rush inside again as the first chords of "Flick of the wrist" can be heard. Throughout the show people kept shouting for "The Wheel" but Bent now replies " it's not called 'The Wheel', but it's at least as good as that one" (Norwegian: "Nei, den heter ikke The Wheel, men den er minst like god!") & then they begin "Flick". What follows is a endless stream of blistering guitar forging ahead with deep passion, only interrupted by a quiet but short & impatient interlude around the 10-minute mark. The jam picks up pace again with an altered rythm & beat, Snah repeats a giant chord over & over again & letting each repetion hum away in feedback noise. For the last four minutes they reprise the "Flick"-theme & develop it towards a rousing coda! This monumental version of "Flick" ends the tour, during which Motorpsycho proved their finest, with great style!

Misc: discuss, Torrent-download of the show (Dime)

This post aims towards a comprehensive 2006 concert chronology that gathers as much & as detailed information on the shows as possible. All the information contained within this document has been collected from a variety of sources: fan's posts to message boards & mailings lists (namely the UnOff's board & g35), eye-witness reports that have been submitted to me via e-mail, recordings of the shows, setlists, reviews etc.

If you want to contribute information, corrections, notes, reviews, pictures, sounds, videos, setlist- or ticket-scans or anything else worth adding e-mail me me!

Thank you to all who contributed!


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