Sunday, January 8

Concert Chronology 2001

27.09.2001 -- 013, Tilburg (NL) [140 min]
Attendance: ?
Set: The Slow Phaseout, Go To California, All Is Loneliness, Blindfolded, The Other Fool, Song For A Bro, When You're Dead, Bedroom Eyes, Now It's Time To Skate, Trapdoor, She Used To Be A Twin,
Encore 1: Nerve Tattoo, Neverland, Superstooge, Tristano
Encore 2: Watersound, Sideway Spiral III, Star Star Star, Heartbreaker, Shakin' All Over, Stalemate

Notes: During an incredible jam inside of "Go to California" Bård watches Bent while spacing out in a sort of "Is-it-all-right-I-am-going-space-now?"-way & Bent nodds back in the "it-is-okay" kind of way.

Tape: Yes, complete.


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