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2006 Concert Chronology Part II

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04.08.2006 -- Haldern Pop Festival, Rees-Haldern, Germany [75 min]
Attendance: 7500
Set: New song, Hey Jane, No Evil, Triggerman, In The Family, Starmelt/lovelight, Neverland, Manmower, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Hyena, You Lied

Notes: At this show, the first of three summer festival shows in 2006, Øyvind is not with the band, they rock as a trio. It's obvious they need a little more practice as a three-piece, there are minor mistakes and a major one when Jacco goes into "Hyena" too early during the outro of "Devil Dog". Most of the songs work out nicely, are played harder and less varied than on the recent tour - even "Manmower" (around 7 minutes). Fine jams from Snah here and there. Some songs & moments are harder/rougher than on the latest tour though, when Snah/Bent took up some things Øyvind did, or they simply compress the songs to strings'n'skins! The guys seem to have a good time although the outer circumstances are quite difficult in muddy underwater Haldern: after a sunny day heavy rain hits Haldern, resulting in up to 10 cm standing water on the grounds. No more rain during the show, but hard conditions- they rock the limited but thankful crowd all the same -- what a life! The new song is a six minute riffrockpop-hit. "Hey Jane" & "In the family" were aired on local radio station 1Live two days after the concert. "Manmower", "Kill devil hills -> Devil dog", "Triggerman" & "You lied" were aired on german TV in the infamous Rockpalast music program.

Misc.: discuss , a picture of the band on stage, another picture of the band from the audience, download the two songs from the radio broadcast, Rockpalast page with a backstage picture & some greetings by the band, some screenshots from the Rockpalast footage

10.08.2006 -- Oyafestival, Middelalderparken, Oslo, Norway [71 min]
Attendance: ~900o
Set: Manmower -> The Wheel, No Evil, Hey, Jane, Starmelt/lovelight, Sail On, In the Family, Kill Devil Hills, Hyena, You Lied, Neverland

Notes: This show, the only Norwegian summer appearance, they perfom as a quartet again, Øyvind rejoins them. A very good & rocking show, though they deliver a hit-parade to meet the needs of a festival crowd. The concert was broadcastcast via a variety of media: Norwegian tv channel NRK repeatedly aired it on tv, radio & the internet, the webcast-stream can be accessed here. They take the stage during sunset, opening with an epic combination of "Manmower -> The wheel" (25 min), leaving away the coda to "Manmower" due to a malfunction in Oyvind's equipment. Bent quotes The Grateful Dead's "The Wheel" in "The Wheel": "The wheel is turning and you can't hold on, can't go back and you can't stand still..". "Kill devil hills" is slightly rearrangend with some nice new details by Øyvind. "Devil Dog" is being aborted by Bent. The audience screams for more long after they had left the stage after "Neverland".

Misc.: discuss, screenshots from the webcast, Nesteklikk review, picture gallery, review

12.08.2006 -- For Noise Festival, Pully, Switzerland [~70 min]
Soundcheck: New Song, Can't Explain, Voodoo Chile-jam
: Hogwash, Coalmine Pony, No Evil -> Hey, Jane, New Song, Starmelt Lovelight, In the Family, Triggerman -> Manmower -> The Wheel -> Devil Dog
Encore: Hyena -> You Lied, Neverland

Notes: Motorpsycho's third of three summer festival performances in 2006. They perform as a trio, just like in Haldern. Heavy rain occurs during this show, the sound is muddy, but the band plays a good show nontheless. The new song is as yet untitled according to Bent (and is called "insert songtitle" on Snah's setlist). A slow okay-ish start to the concert turns into a solid middle part, and then turns into sheer magic by the time they perform "Triggerman". "The Wheel" is over 20 minutes long, very noisy in parts. Bent talks about losing a bass guitar in transit due to "terror bullshit", says Bent: "Thanks so much. I would have never stood in the rain for 1.5 hours for any band." Snah refers to another band on the festival's line up: "Celtic Frost - heroes of our Childhood."; Bent watched the Celtic Frost performance from side-stage.

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30.08.2006 -- Blæst, Trondheim, Norway
Set: [included parts or quotes of] Hogwash, Only shallow (by My Bloody Valentine), plus tunes by Jimi Hendrix, The Police.

Notes: Psychonauts residing in or near Trondheim were treated to an extraordinary event: the Trondheim Jazzfestival hosts an Improvisation-Gig at Blæst by Motorpsycho-collaborator, vibraphonist & sound-artist Øyvind Brandtsegg supported by a small ensemble of musicians among them Bent & Snah! The line-up featured:

Øyvind Brandtsegg - Marimba Lumina / Csound
Thomas T. Dahl - git
Arve Henriksen - trpt
Kenneth Kapstad - dr
Mattis Kleppen - b
Hans Magnus Ryan - git
Bent Sæther - b

The festival's event page described the event as follows:

"Ø. B. has got a 'cannon team' of Norwegian musicians for this evening! In order to attain the perfect gunpowder mixture he has selected musicians who each have their own unique view on improvisation and energy. Newly written material gets mixed with 'standards' who are by no means taken from the traditional jazz repertoir.

The energy of rock & the playfulness of jazz makes the boundaries for compositional momentums taken from contemporary music [sic!]. Brandtsegg has an art scholarship at the University in Trondheim, and is exploring the use of compositional techniques when improvising. His live-sampler 'ImproSculpt', when it was released, established a new standard for level and complexity for electronic instruments.

This work has been commisioned with support from the Norwegian culture-council (Norsk Kulturråd)."

This show was all improvised. As an Adressa review put it: "The night started with a series of heavy bumps followed by an inferno of noise before the piece took a new direction. Lots of dynamics made the tunes never static, there was always a surprise waiting. A progrock part suddenly turning into reggea with Arve Hendriksens trumpet on top. Or when Snah quoted Hogwash in the beginning of his solo and Arve Hendriksen lays a distorted screaming vocal on top of a psycedelic passage..." The show left attendees without words. There were quotes of the artists mentioned in the "setlist", not any real renditions of songs. Snah introduces his part of the improvisation/solo by quoting "Hogwash". Says one attendee: "It was magic, lots of smiling jazz loving vinos and beer drinking rockers after the show. I was standing in the first row and it was exciting to see them communicate during the performance, it was not easy to see/hear what was rehearsed and what was improv. I saw a bit of Snah's setlist, but it was kind of cryptic;...NO...Miles...Stem(tune)...Only Shallow...NON...". The paper edition of the Adressa-reciew (01.09.2006) states that a 24-track recording was successfully commited to tape. Also mentioned in that article was a possibility of a tour, it quotes Brandtsegg: "If anyone wants to send us on a tour, we will probably say yes, but since we are all pretty busy at the moment, someone else has to organize it".

If you got more info regarding this show, particularly a recording, please, please, please get in touch via e-mail! Thanks!

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2006 setlists continued: 2006 Concert Chronology III (fall).

This post aims towards a comprehensive 2006 concert chronology that gathers as much & as detailed information on the shows as possible. All the information contained within this document has been collected from a variety of sources: fan's posts to message boards & mailings lists (namely the UnOff's board & g35), eye-witness reports that have been submitted to me via e-mail, recordings of the shows, setlists, reviews etc.

If you want to contribute information, corrections, notes, reviews, pictures, sounds, videos, setlist- or ticket-scans or anything else worth adding e-mail me!

Thank you to all who contributed!


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