Thursday, April 13

Good Vibes

As the start of the first proper massive Motorpsycho tour in three & a half years rapidly approaches the question who will support Bent & Snah on stage becomes pivotal to any fan who is anxiously anticipating his/her show. We might not have to wait nine more days until April 22 when the first show will be played at Trondheim's Samfundet to find out.

While it is widely believed (but not officially confirmed yet) that dutch drummer Jacco van Rooij will claim the drummer's stool (compare previous posts here & here) the rumour of a fourth touring-band member has been making the rounds for some weeks now (even Snah hinted at it a while ago). Word on the street had it that a guy called Øyvind Brandtsegg will join the band on vibraphone. And although this guy's contribution on the vibes refined "The golden core" -- one of the band's best loved & most epic pieces -- only the most avid students of Motorpsycho's history will remember his name.

Well, now it is time to dig out that old copy of "Timothy's monster" & study the liner notes once again because Brandtsegg is to collaborate with the band again as the Trondheim based newspaper Adressavisen revealed in tuesday's issue. The article confirms that Motorpsycho have hired Brandtsegg as a sit-in musician.

The article throws some light on Brandtsegg's artistic & musical backgrounds. Just as Snah he hails from Steinkjer near Trondheim. He plays the drums & percussion, the vibraphone & he programs samples. Personally & musically he seems to be just the right kind of audiovirus guy to create some far out spaces & ambiences for Motorpsycho.

In August Bent & Snah will then reciprocate the favour by supporting Brandtsegg in a performance of his very own material at Trondheim's Jazz Festival. The festival will take place at various venues in Trondheim between August 30 & September 02, 2006.

Good vibes among friends indeed -- imo, this bodes very well for the upcoming tour in terms of sonic experimentation, choice of material & sublime performances!

Thanks to The other Anders, Vegard & Jokke!


Anonymous jtr said...

So he plays drums too? Could be that he joines them instead of Jacco? It's said in that interview that Bent&Snah tested two guys - Jacco & Øyvind?
However, we will know in a short amount of time, anyway.

btw: Interestingly, the Golden Core-vibes are credited to "Øyvind Bronsegg" - at least in the CD booklet, perhaps misspelled, because in the vinyl box it says clearly Brandtsegg.

10:14 PM  

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