Thursday, February 16

Pidah comments on the drummer-situation

There is an article called "Motorpsycho vindt een nieuwe drummer in Eindhoven". It contains an interview with Pidah. He confirms Jacco van Rooij as the drummer for the next tour. At the same time Pidah also states that...
  • Jacco doesn't want to do interviews because he has no time and because his quotes were not represented correctly [maybe referring to this article?],
  • Jacco played drums on the track "You lose" [on the new record],
  • it's hard for the band to find the time to rehearse with Jacco as he has to come to Norway for it and still has to keep his job (web design) running,
  • Jacco is currently not the steady Motorpsycho drummer; after the tour the band and Jacco will have to see if they 'click'. If so, Jacco will have to decide if he wants to move to Norway (to join the band full-time) or stay in Holland,
  • Suimasen has not split-up.
Obviously the band doesn't take the question who is to permanently replace Geb lightly. Pidah says that it is "no catpiss" (kattenpis) to drum for Motorpsycho because they are so demanding when it comes to rehearsing & devoting time to the band. A permanent replacement for Geb, who will eventually turn into a real Motorpsycho-member will apparently have to relocate to Trondheim & will have to be dead serious about his obligations to the band.

Thanks to Fastnbullbous for posting the link & to Jonne Kramer for the translation/summary.


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