Tuesday, January 31

Arigato Tokyo!

Motorpsycho's last proper tour -- Japan 2003 -- spawned a wealth of exciting music. Just the other day I stumbled across a not very widely circulated recording from that very tour on a fellow trader's list. It's a precious little pearl of acoustic session played for the Japanese radio station J-Wave 81.3FM on one of the band's off-days (07.12.2003) at the station's Keyaki Zaka Studio in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. They perform lovely renditions of "Little Ricky Massenburg" & "Bedroom eyes". The former is highlighted by a poignant solo & the latter features a refreshingly sparse arrangement & sweet vocals. They also did an interview with the program's hot host Mibu Minami but unfortunately the interview isn't included in the recording. The recording itself stems from a webcast (realmedia) but sounds nevertheless excellent. Some very brief footage of the session can be seen in Lydverket's (NRK1) Japan documentary (roughly between 27:30-29:45'), that's where I took the screenshots from. Thanks to Uwe Schneider for sharing this small gem (and The other Anders for pointing out the footage in the documentary, thus making it possible to identify location & date)!

Download the recording here. It's 30MB & you will need the Flac Frontend software to decode the files to .wav. Enjoy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice, I remember seeing the original broadcast back then. Do you have the link to the original archived broadcast, if it's still available? Cheers Paul

2:32 PM  

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