Monday, January 23

Sitting in Brussels (continued)

There has been some confusion over how the Brussels concert will be organised: with reserved seating or general admission (=without seating on the floor)? Compare my previous post & the comments to it.

While previous experiences indicate that shows at the Cirque Royal won't neccessarily have to be all seated the ticket arrangement for May 07's Motorpsycho show hints indeed to reserved seating. In this thread at the UnOff's forums Joeri points out that "the fact that there is a choice between two tickets means that they have only seats, cheap ones and more expensive ones. [...] When there is a standing area you can only buy one kind of ticket and choose to sit [on the steps] or stand."

Now if you go the Cirque Royal's ticket shop there are two kinds of tickets for the Motorpsycho-event being sold. Which means as of now there will most likely be seats.

Previous Motorpsycho shows with a similiar arrangement included The Coleman Jams (Bergen 2001) as well as the Molde Jazz Festival (2002), where Motorpsycho performed their most adventurous show featuring Jaga Jazzist.

The constantly updated tour-schedule can be found here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there.
Seats everywhere at the Cirque Royal; which is not in the place you describe above. The Cirque Royal is in another place just a few minutes from the Botanique (where MP played for the Trust Us tour).
It's free seating, as written on the ticket.
And this place really sucks... but that's just my point of view...

9:44 PM  

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