Friday, January 13

"Lydverket" online

As expected (see previous post) Wednesday's Lydverket program is now available for streaming. It includes a very short excerpt of Motorpsycho's "In our tree", a song which will be featured on their new album "Black hole/Blank canvas" due March.

It is indeed very short (40 seconds) but you get a good impression of the apparently rich guitar-dominated instrumentation & Bent's very articulated slightly-over-the-top vocals. Sounds like trademark Motorpsycho to me, particularly when they launch into the powerful riff-&-scream-laden chorus. However, it is impossible to tell from this excerpt if we are talking a pre- or post-"LTEC"-sound.

Here is the direct link to the stream. "In our tree" comes on at 23:29.

Btw, there is also a feature about Jørgen Munkeby of Jaga Jazzist during which he talks about their collaboration with Motorpsycho. An excerpt of the "Go to California" video is also being shown.


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