Thursday, January 12

"In our tree"-excerpt on "Lydverket"

Lydverket -- a Norwegian weekly music program on TV (NRK) -- presented a sneak preview on "BH/BC" in yesterday's episode. Accompanied by a still picture of Bent & Snah they aired a 30 seconds excerpt of "In our tree". Though hard to judge from 30 seconds (some claimed it was only 15-20 seconds) fan reactions were generally very mixed: while many praised the sound as "rough" reminding them on Motorpsycho's pre-"LTEC" output others saw a continuity to the Bård-era sound. Many described it as a "weird pop-rocker".

Usually all Lydverket programs are being made available for streaming shortly after they have aired on TV. I will post an update once yesterday's episode will go online.


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