Wednesday, January 11

577 redux?!

Since the enigmatic tracklisting for Motorpsycho’s new album has surfaced speculations & interpretations of creative Psychonauts have been blooming all over the fan communities. As reported earlier the tracklisting is a treasure trove for music-historical references & other odd things.

Here are just a few more references & observations made by fans during the last days. You can tell Motorpsycho fans are one animated bunch!

  • Critical mass” is also a song-title by the band Nuclear Assault; there is also a line in Motorpsycho’s very own “For Free” which reads "approaching critical mass, fractured just like glass",
  • regarding the song "Triggerman": there are many songs including the term ‘man’ as extension e.g. most notably Alice Cooper’s “Triggerman” (Motorpsycho’s “Mad sun” shared a split single with an Alice Cooper track back in 1996), as well as the Pearl Jam songs “Better man” / ”Nothingman” / ”Leatherman” / ”Dead man”, Nick Cave’s “Loverman” & last but not least the Grateful Dead’s “Candyman”,
  • No evil” & “Devil dog” read backwards turn out to read “Live on” & "God lived” respectively,
  • Kill devils hills” is a town in the US in the state of North Carolina,
  • The 29th bulletin” is a newsbrief released by Napoleon 12-03-1812 which generally admits the destruction of the French army, but reports that Napoleon's health is better than ever,
  • one of Motorpsycho’s best post-“It’s a love cult”-compositions is called “Close your eyes” & it has been performed regularly in fall 2002 during which it grew to majestic prog-like proportions (running up to 14 minutes) -- the ‘eyes’-theme reappears in “With Trixeene Through The Mirror, I Dream With Open Eyes” which could turn out to be a combination of the as yet unreleased songs “Trixeene” & “Close your eyes” respectively,
  • Sail on” might point to a Neil Young song called “Sail away” (off of 1979’s “Rust never sleeps”)

As the header of this post suggest I get the feeling they are pulling a major 577 on us. ;-)

Most likely to be continued...

[If you want to be credited individually for any of the above references please post a comment or e-mail me!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, I came to think of Mr. Youngs "Walk On" too, regarding "Sail On". But I guess your right that (at least) most of these references don't mean anything. I guess it is hard to make a songtitle today, without making a possible reference after 50 years of pop music.


3:30 PM  

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