Monday, January 9

"BH/BC" tracklisting! reports following tracklisting for "Black hole/Blank canvas":

CD 1:
1) No Evil
2) In Our Tree
3) Coalmine Pony
4) Kill Devil Hills
5) Critical Mass
6) The 29th Bulletin
7) Devil Dog
8) Triggerman

CD 2:
1) Hyena
2) Sancho Says
3) Sail On
4) The Ace
5) L.T.E.C.
6) You Lose
7) Before The Flood
8) Fury On Earth
9) With Trixeene Through The Mirror, I Dream With Open Eyes

No source is being given, though, and there is nothing yet on either the Stickman or the Indigo site.

As many people & myself have pointed out already elsewhere there are various references to be found in the songtitles:
  • "In our tree" reminds me on Pearl Jam's "In my tree",
  • "Critical mass" reminds on Crosby & Nash's "To the last whale: Critical mass/wind on the water",
  • "Sancho says" could allude to Lou Reed's many variations of that title ("Lisa says", "Candy says", "Carolyne says"), as well as of course their very own "Sterling says", which is a VU-hommage too,
  • "The Ace" as in Ace Frehley (from Kiss-fame)
  • "L.T.E.C." is how fans commonly abbreviate Motorpsycho's 2000 effort "Let them eat cake"
  • "Before the flood" is the title of the live album which documented Bob Dylan's comeback-tour with The Band in 1974,
  • "With Trixeene through the mirror, I dream with open eyes" could very well be a studio version of the tune "Trixeene" (a generic B. Saether pop-composition), which was played during a handful of Motorpsycho shows in summer 2004.
...and there is probably more. However, given the whealth of a little too obvious references it might be wise to remain at least a little skeptical about the tracklisting -- though it is not April fool's day someone might just as well fuck with our minds, if not the Baron himself. ;-P

As reported earlier "BH/BC" will be out from March 17, 2006 on, on double LP/CD.


Blogger Joachim Strand said...

hi alex

the package arrived yesterday...THANK YOU!

You have restored my faith in the kindness of man.

I am looking forward to many hours of MP bliss..

thanks again


3:02 PM  

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