Wednesday, January 18

...and on the drums: Jacco van Rooij

The dutch magazine Peper reveals the name of Motorpsycho's new drummer, here! Peper1 has been so nice to post a translation to the UnOff's discussion forums:

"MP-fans in Norway have been discussing who will be the new drummer of Motorpsycho. Peperonline reveals the 'mystery': Jacco van Rooij, citizen of Eindhoven, has taken place behind the kit. Van Rooij played in bands such as 7Zuma7 and Suimasen. When opened a show for Motorpsycho in Eindhoven's Effenaar a few years ago, Jacco and Motorpsycho got in touch with each other. 'We became friends right away and we kept contact throughout the years', Jacco tells in this weeks Print-edition of Peper. 'In Norway people are guessing who will be the next drummer, but most fans are pretty wrong with their suggestions.' The new Motorpsycho-ablum titled Black Hole/Blank Canvas was also recorded in Eindhoven at The Void. Motorpsycho will play in the Effenaar for the 11th time on may 4th [...]"

This comes a bit as a surprise indeed, because it has been assumed that Even 'Ringo' Granas, drummer for the Norwegian outfit Sanderfinger as well as the the new kid on the block in 2004's Tussler line-up, would jump in as a tour-drummer.

Jacco van Rooij, however, seems to be a most fitting & natural choice too. Motorpsycho's connections to Eindhoven Rock City are multifaceted, diverse & long-dated: Eindhoven's famous club Effenaar is probably the venue the band has played more often than any other club outside of Norway. Even more importantly Pieter 'Pidah' Kloos, sound-wizard at most Motorpsycho shows since 1994, hails from Eindhoven's rich & famous rock-scene. The band has recorded & mixed a fair share of their repertoire at Pidah's Eindhoven Studio The Void (including their latest "BH/BC"). Rooij is a member of Suimasen a band whose Eindhoven-based predecessors & collaboraters include The Alabama Kids, 7Zuma7, The New Creatures & 35007. Motorpsycho have been friends with many of these bands & guys for a long time -- e.g. they have played their very own version of the Alabama Kids' "Black W'abbit" during some shows in the mid-1990s, most notably in Roermond (Holland) in 1995, when they turned the tune into a very long space-infused slow-motion stoner-piece. Motorpsycho have also been supported & joined onstage by The Alabama Kids. More connections include 35007 being featured on Stickman Records -- I still remember vividly how they stole the the show from Motorpsycho at the Stickman Festival in 2001. Suimasen's music on the other hand has often been compared to Motorpsycho's.

Obviously things come to a full circle with the addition of Jacco van Rooij. I am curious to learn how he will influence the band's sound. All power to Eindhoven!


Blogger khm said...

In a post to g35, Stickfrau confirms:

"[...] I'm not too sure how confirmed this is, though. He *has* been to Trondheim several times to practise for the tour, however. He is at this time assuming that Bent and Snah made their final decision) the tour drummer for the next tour - no more, no less. What happens after that still remains to be seen.

Motorpsycho know him from the "old" days when he played with Alabama Kids. He was also the early 35007 drummer, and not the late one. And in my opinion he is a jaw-droppingly good drummer. [...]"

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Claus said...

Wow, these are big news for me... I really like Motorpsycho, but Suimasen is one of my all time favourite bands. I really hope this does not mean they finally broke up. Anyway, I will go out and see them together, this should be pure magic...

11:28 AM  

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