Sunday, January 15

Cirque Royal

I am about to top off an eventful & busy week-end with a lazy sunday evening (featuring the mandatory detective movie on TV), so a couple of random remarks about the Brussels show (May 07, 2006) will have to suffice as today's update.

Firstly, the venue appears to be Cirque Royal as opposed to the previously assumed Le Botanique (or are they the same building after all?). I corrected the tour schedule accordingly. Secondly, the name of The Mons Orchestra -- a Belgian band previously expected to support or co-headline with Motorpsycho in Brussels -- has now disappeared from the event-listing on the venue's website, most likely meaning they have been stricken off the event's bill. Btw, tickets for the show have gone onsale already.

A late 19th century building representing imperial Belgium, the Cirque Royal is reportedly outstandingly beautiful & one of the more uncommon concert venues. Concerts are usually arranged with reserved seating there (a seating chart can be found here). While many fans aren't pleased with the prospect of attending a Motorpsycho show with reserved seating I think it is a unique opportunity to experience the band in a different setting. I don't think a regular headlining Motorpsycho show has been held to a seated audience before, apart from the special occasion of performing the Coleman Jams in May 2001. At least it should be interesting to see how fans & band alike will rise up to this new experience.

Above picture has been borrowed from the Cirque Royal's website. If you happen to know of a better picture (preferrably picturing the inside), please post a link via a comment.

Update 16/01/2006: Apparently not all concerts are conducted with reserved seating at Cirque Royal, compare Hanno's comment to this post. Maybe a ticket-holder to the MP show can shed more light on this?! What does the ticket say? Why were people under the impression that the show will be seated in the first place?

Update 23/01/2006: See the follow-up post here.


Blogger Hanno said...

the cirque royal - or koninklijk circus ;) - is where i saw the arcade fire last year - the main floor was standing only, and the sections have steps that you can stand or sit on. of course most people were standing after a couple of minutes. i'd expect the motorpsycho show to be the same.

4:47 PM  
Blogger khm said...

thanks hanno, i will update my post.

..oh! to have seen arcade fire there...!!!


4:54 PM  
Blogger abstractstar said...

at the gig in Molde (at the Jazzfestival) in 2001 there were lots of seating - mainly because the scene/venue is a, uhm, not stadium, but a, uh, i don't know the english word, but you know: an indoor place where you can play football/handball and such, ok?! so, naturally there are lots of sets all around with the stage being in the middle. of course, lots of people were standing near the stage, but also many sat down. i was one of many "sitters" and it was a wonderful experience, but then again that show was kinda special, with lots of unusual songs. it's difficult to imagine a "regular" MP-gig with the audience sitting down!

ok, that was a little difficult to explain, but you get it, i hope! ;)

6:15 PM  

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