Saturday, January 21

Supersilent 7

Today it has been brought to my attention that Supersilent -- Helge 'Deathprod' Sten's home of the noise after Motorpsycho -- have released their first DVD last September. Though I have been casually following Motorpsycho's various sideprojects through the years it is impossible to keep track with the very diverse activities of Motorpsycho's past & present friends & members in a timely manner (particularly also since In the family has retired). That's why a forwarded review (thanks Hanno!) from the prestigious German weekly paper Die Zeit attracted my attention to the latest Supersilent product only now.

"Supersilent 7" is the documentation of an entire concert shot at Oslo's Parkteatret in August 2004. It was shot & directed by Motorpsycho-artwork-guru Kim Hiorthøy, who also designed the cover. The footage was captured onto 16mm black-and-white film & most reviewers emphasize the resulting outstanding attractive aesthetics.

Being a lover of noise, free-form instant-composing & live-impovisation myself I am thrilled about this release. Though Supersilent's music can be very demanding at times (and sometimes they just push it a bit too far over the top) I've also had very rewarding experiences thanks to their performances, e.g. listening to a constantly building 45 minute piece of spontaneous improvisation at Oslo's Øyafestival in 2003, where they performed on a sunny afternoon to a large festival crowd. Most amazingly it worked!

Here are two pictures of the band: the first one is my very own distant shot of the band from Øya 2003. The second one shows the band soundchecking for a show at Chicago's (IL) Open End Gallery on November 06, 2004; it was taken by Olaf Nelson who also made a fantastic recording of that show (yes, there are Psychonauts in the US too!).


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