Wednesday, January 25

Visions' take on all the news

The major German music magazine Visions has a news item about Motorpsycho & "BH/BC" in its current issue. Norman was so nice to transcribe & post it (thanks a lot!):

"Ein wenig routinierter wird man wahrscheinlich im Hause Motorpsycho mit dem Thema Doppelalbum umgegangen sein. Mit dem grossartigen "Timothy´s Monster" im Backkatalog ist man schließlich Wiederholungstöter. Und wer die nach dem Ausstieg von Schlagzeuger Hakon Gebhardt zum Duo geschrumpften Norweger kennt, wird zu Recht vermuten, dass sich mit einem Abstand zum letzten Album "It´s A Love Cult" einfach zu viele Ideen in Songs niedergeschlagen haben. Wer die Tracklist von "Black Hole / Black Canvas" durchsieht, wird schnell feststellen, dass die gezuckerten Zeiten von "Let Them Eat Cake" offensichtlicht vorbei sind: Stücke wie "Kill Devil Hill", "Devil Dog" oder "Before The Flood" erinnern eher an die "Demon Box". Und da Rätselraten ein erprobtes und legitimes Mittel gegen frustrierende Wartezeiten ist, darf bis zum 17.März noch mächtig viel orakelt werden. Schlussendlich wird dann das auf Stickman veröffentlichte Album alle Fragen beantworten."

English readers won't have to worry as the text contains no new information at all (and that's why I didn't bother to translate). Most likely this is just a harbinger of things to come though, because Visions has always been very friendly & receptive towards Motorpsycho (they did feature a couple of Motorpsycho-tracks on their CDs, most notably the "High time" video from Roskilde 1999) -- maybe we can expect a real article come the album-release, or even a cover-feature.

However, I think it's about time the German Rolling Stone acknowledges the importance of Motorpsycho by having a detailed story about the band. They have notoriously neglected the band for years. That's strange enough though, because Motorpsycho's music would most likely go down very well with the Rolling Stone-readers & would certainly gain the band attention with an audience that is beyond their usual crowd.


Blogger dougmartsch said...

about the vision #155.
there is also a small snippet about motorpsycho in the extra record store guide. on page 10, about the record shop "freak out records",they say that motorpsycho bought all the sun-ra records there just before they played a gig 1995 in berlin (knaack)

norman ;0)

6:32 PM  
Blogger khm said...

oh yeah! i used to go into that shop a lot, in fact i bought my whole MP catalogue there. the owner, his name is bodo, is a psychonaut himself & he kinda turned me on to them (after i had seen my first show). but anyway, that record store is rather close to the venues MP used to play in the 1990s in berlin: knaack club & kesselhaus. kesselhaus respectively is situated very closely to the store. in 2000 between soundcheck & showtime the band walked in there -- all three of them -- they spent an hour going through the excellent selection of music & ultimately spent a fortune. of course bodo was more than pleased :)

that very shop btw is hands down berlin's best record store. period.

6:42 PM  
Blogger khm said...

i will have to correct myself: that was in 1998. i typed 2000 because i was convinced it just couldn't be THAT long ago. but when i gave it a second thought it was really 1998. that makes the "all three of them" more plausible too ;)

man, how time flies by -- unbelievable.

1:44 PM  

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