Thursday, February 2

Fantastiske Pepsi Love

The stage-adaption of Frode Sander Øiens book "Fantastiske Pepsi Love" will premier at Trondheim's Trøndelag Teater tomorrow (03.02.2006). It will feature music by Hans Magnus Ryan. Snah has worked for the theatre before: last year he contributed music to the Astrid Lindgren plot "Ronja røverdatter", which was being staged at the same theater (on the theatre's site there is also a short Quicktime clip which actually includes very little music). Back then he spoke about his work in this interview (Norwegian only).

Frode Sander Øien, born 1969, is an old friend & associate of the band. He was/is also the lead-singer of Sanderfinger, a Trondheim based on & off project to which Bent has contributed occasionally & which features second Tussler drummer Even "Ringo" Granås. Apparently Øien has now a career as aspiring (and successful) author going.

Here is a small interview-snippet with Snah, quoted (and translated) from this article. The picture has been borrowed from this article as well. Pictured are Øyvind Brandtzæg, Snah & Frode Sander Øien.

The musician from Steinkjær, Hans Magnus Ryan, maybe better known as Snah in Motorpsycho, has written the music to "Fantastiske Pespi Love". --"I have mutated small melodies to the play, and I have worked my way through the script several times to get things into their right places. I want the audience to be left with feelings of music, and this music is meant to stimulate the central nervous system. No doubt this will become "ambient music" in the theater setting, and I am curious about people's reactions", says Ryan. Motorpsycho is also alive, and in the best of shape. A new double album is in the works, and will be released in the middle of march. "There will be some touring both inside and outside Norway during the spring. Unfortunately I don't think Steinkjær is on the tour list thistime", says Ryan.

Thanks to Roar J. for the heads-up & to The other Anders for the translation.


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hy alex, thank you for all the interesting news and all the fantastic motorpsycho recordings!! iam a motortrader since the 22.02.02 and iam very proud to be a part of it! THANK YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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