Saturday, February 11

"BH/BC" artwork

This "add" can be found at Stickman's frontpage. What we see is obviously a preview of the artwork for "Black hole/Blank canvas", Motorpsycho's new album, due in March. Nothing is known about the artist. And while the common consensus so far seems to indicate that people think it's "crappy" & "metal" I actually do like it: just imagine this thing blown up to gatefold 12 inch, all black & deep & shiny, maybe even without any name or title (is that maybe a sticker in the upper left corner?) -- simultaneously classic & enigmatic. And most importantly the supernova or cosmic knots or weird figures holding each other like trapeze artists -- whatever might be pictured here -- do express space all the way, which certainly bodes well for the music!

It's probably just a matter of few days/weeks until the proper artwork will go up at either the Indigo or Stickman site.

Thanks to Holger & marc.


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