Wednesday, February 8

Tour line-up not finalized yet?

Snah speaks out in another interview regarding his contribution to "Fantastike Pepsi Love":

"-This is the fourth time I make musik to a theatre play, as always in collaboration with director Jon Tombre. I enjoy the way of working, and think I am getting better at it now, says Snah. Besides this, he has not played in other bands than Motorpsycho, if you do not count a few jobs in Deathprod together with Helge Steen.

He [Snah] is in a very exciting phase right now. Motorpsycho's comeback record is out in March, and he and Bent are rehearsing a concert repertoire together with two candidates for the live band. There has been a lot of speculation around Motorpsycho, and very little response from the band. A game of secrecy?

- No, no. But a lot has happened to us these last years. For the first time we're going on tour without the colossal safety it was to play with Gebhardt. The three of us knew eachother inside out. Now it is different. It is complicated and exciting enough just to relate to each other - and to make final decisions. To communicate this to the rest of the world gets a bit too complicated, says Snah."

Of course this is much more cryptical then revealing. Previous unconfirmed news hinted to dutch drummer Jacco van Rooij joining them on stage. Given the most recent statements, though, nothing seems to be set in stone yet. The guessing can continue: Trio or quartet? Two drummers? A keyboard player again? A second guitar? Someone on noise-producing devices à la Deathprod?...

Thanks to The the for pointing out the article in this thread & to The other Anders for the translation.


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