Thursday, April 20

1993 comp on Dime

1993 marks the year when Motorpsycho picked up their touring pattern which they would maintain all through 2002. It was also the first time Motorpsycho visited the continent (twice actually) & they also played their fair share of important festival dates (Roskilde & Quart).

If you want to listen to the adventures of the band back then you can now download the 1993 compilation at Dime*. This compilation competently covers 1993-era Motorpsycho & presents the highlights of the available (fan)recordings in the best possible way. It was carefully & lovingly compiled, edited & remastered by fans, who did not fail to bring their very own creativity into the game by creating beautiful artwork (as pictured). The music captured on this compilation is primal Motorpsycho ranging from classic metal-tracks "Home of the brave", "Sheer profoundity", "Grinder", "Feedtime" or "Some real mindfuck", to overwhelmingly long & spaced out versions of "Demon box", "Blueberry daydream" & "Mountain", via different takes of "Mad sun", as well as super rare takes of "Gutwrench", "The house at Pooneil corners" & "21st centuary schizoid man" to name just a few highlights. Naturally the sound quality varies but you'll find a good amount of radio & very good audience recordings.

* If you haven't got a Dime account & can't sign-up just keep checking back to the register-page as new memberships typically become available every day (because idle memberships are being deleted).

Thank you Björn!


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