Saturday, May 13

Treviso setlist

12.05.2006 -- New Age, Treviso, Italy [130 min]
Set: Kill Devil Hills -> The Ace -> Devil Dog, Manmower, Bonny Lee -> You lose, Sideway Spiral III -> Critical Mass, Sail On, Neverland, Hey Jane, No Evil, Kill Some Day
Encore 1: You Lied -> Hyena, L.T.E.C. -> Tristano
Encore 2: Feel

Notes: Great concert! Many unusual segues tonight. The band rocks hard. There are slight issues with the sound in the beginning but it improves as they go along. This is the second time this tour that "Tristano" is played, it's a 20 minute psychedelic version, amazing! Other highlights include "Manmower", "Kill some day" & "You lose". The latter features a growing ending: melodic & powerful.

Misc.: discuss

Thanks to Manuel & Kappa.

If you got more notes or corrections e-mail me!

This set has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology. Today the band enjoys an off-day before they'lll play the the tour finale in Darmstadt tomorrow!


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