Tuesday, May 9

Köln setlist

08.05.2006 -- Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany [150 min?]
Set: Sideway Spiral III, Sancho Says, Sail On, Coalmine Pony, Bonny Lee -> The Wheel, Feel, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Neverland, No Evil -> Hey Jane, You Lied -> Hyena
Encore 1: Manmower
Encore 2: Hogwash

Notes: A brilliant gig! "Sancho says" returns to a setlist, it has not been played since Halden (8 shows). The sound is spectacular and they all evidently enjoy playing this venue. They did change something on Bent's & Snah's equipment resulting in Snah being the loudest player tonight. The audience is way dedicated to the band: very silent, well-behaved & into the show even during the quieter parts and as soon as they recognize the next song being played from the new tunes, there was big cheering all around because most of the people knew all songs. Everyone seems to join in the singalong to the chorus of "You lied". "Bonny Lee">"The wheel" is pure energy: after 15 minutes of building "The wheel" up they take it down as if to wrap up the jam but then Bent steps to the mic screaming & the riff kicks back in at full volume for another couple of minutes (it has been done like that before during this tour). Bent intoduces "Manmower" saying this is "something really No Quarter-ish". "Hogwash" starts out rocky but soon evolves into a full psychedelic trip that features great vibraphone work by Øyvind & what seems like an endless acceleration of the main guitar/bass riff: faster & faster & faster! More highlights include great versions of "SWS III" & "Sancho says". On the setlist but not played: "Before The Flood" & "Vanishing point" (as first encore).

Misc: discuss

Thanks to ColognePsycho, Thorsten Schmidt & Motorkasi.

See the 2006 Concert Chronology here, Motorpsycho are going to play Biel tonight, don't forget to check for the special poster!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bent did the scream before the comeback of the riff in The Wheel also in Paradiso. I can't think of a more hardcore Motorpsycho moment. Pure magic!!


11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rune, you're my man!

At Paradiso Bent was not yet back on the mike, so we could suddenly hear his scream with all natural emotions energy in it... never suddenly been s h i v e r i n g so much!!!

Indeed magic!


12:13 PM  

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