Saturday, May 6

Münster setlist

05.05.2006 -- Skater's Palace, Münster, Germany [150 min]
Set: You Lose, Sail On, Triggerman, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Bonny Lee -> Devil Dog, Manmower, Critical Mass, Kill Devil Hills -> The Ace, Feel, In Our Tree, Trixeene, Neverland, You Lied -> Hyena
Encore 1: Un Chien D'Espace

Notes: A super rocking show, with "K9" as highlight. "Feel" & "Trixeene" make their tour-debut tonight. From the very first minute on one could tell that the band is on fire and in a very good mood (much joking about Bent's "Baby, Baby"). Especially Jacco played one hell of a concert, much less cueing by Bent this time. "You lose" is hardly reconizable for the first five to seven minutes because the band jams their way into the tune creating a long awesome build-up. Says Bent after "You loose": "We are Motorpsycho and tonight you win". There are long jams in "Triggerman", "Bonny Lee" & "Critical mass". Nice vibraphone work refines "Manmower" & "Feel", particularly "Manmower" is awesome: started out as expected but grew louder and louder from then on, quite a long and great version. The "Neverland>You lied>Hyena" stretch is a crowd favourite. Bent came out to talk to fans afterwards.

Misc.: discuss

Thanks to Michael "jtr" Wurzer for sms'ing the setlist.

The Münster set has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology, notes to follow.

Motorpsycho will play Brussels on sunday.


Anonymous jtr said...

Hello, sorry for not sending notes as I promised; I simply hadnt access to internet the previous days. And actually, there is not much to add that has not been said, apart from mentioning that the Skaters Palace is a really weird venue... and of course, the show was supergreat..

3:19 PM  

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