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Rockefeller setlist

26.04.2006 -- Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway [140 min]
Soundcheck: Summertime blues, Are you ready?, Hogwash, In our tree
Set: Sancho Says, Sail On, Hogwash, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Vanishing Point, Neverland, Critical Mass, The Ace, You Lied, Hyena, Devil Dog, Un chien d'espace -> Plan #1
Encore 1: Kill Devil Hills, Triggerman
Encore 2: Before The Flood

Notes: Motorpsycho's 18th performance at the Rockefeller. A great show which sold out months in advance! The sound varies, sometimes being really terrible & thus ruining some songs. As the band hits the stage for the first time and starts playing one could easily see that Pidah was not pleased: started twisting knobs and working the levels right away, picked up a pair of headphones too. At one point Bent said to the audience, "Do you hear anything except bass?" And after a couple of songs a clearly annoyed Bent says he "didn't hear anything except the bassdrum in his monitor". Snah adds "Må skru litt lyd no/work some sound". From "Un chien d'espace" on the sound improves. Generally the band plays at earshattering volume. "Hogwash" is long & spacy & features a fantastic solo part by Snah & Øyvind. During "The Ace" hilarious videos of Bent & Snah doing dogfights as pilots during World War II are being shown. "Vanishing point" is introduced by Bent as "here's a song about a car". This is a great crowd tonight who is dead-silent dring the quiet parts of "Un chien d'espace", quite a rarity for a show in Norway. The "Un chien d'espace">"Plan #1" combo lasted for 33 minutes (the highlight of the evening), with a psychedelic build-up during "Un chien". "Triggerman" has the five minute bluesy/jazzy jam again, which is vaguely reminiscent of "This otherness". Snah really shines during "Before the flood", which ends the show with style. Fans' reactions to the show were mixed though, ranging from "amazing" & "a show like in the good old days" to "boring" & "too few old songs".

Misc.: discuss , Oslopuls review

Thanks to Ketil, Thomas, Jeger, Cold Mailmain & Oherdemon. Picture taken from the review.

2006 setlists developping here.

The band will play Halden tonight.


Anonymous Gustav said...

I guess having the gig midweek, or during weekdays in general, is a blessing in Norway with regards to crowd behaviour. Rockefeller at a friday or saturday is usually very noisy because of the general alcohol consumption. Student venues are even worse when it comes to drunkeness and noisy crowds. However, the Rockefeller gig was so loud in itself (only quiet moments: Un Chien de Espace and the jazzy solo in Triggerman), so I guess that a loud crowd wouldn't have made much of a difference. I must admit that I was *very* pleased when the crowd was silent during Un Chien...When thinking back on yesterdays gig, Un Chien->Plan#1 must have been one of the best moments I've had on a Motorpsycho concert. Chills down my spine....oh yeah.

9:39 AM  

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