Sunday, April 23

Trondheim setlist

22.04.2006 -- Samfundet, Trondheim, Norway [140 min?]
Set: No Evil -> Hey Jane, Hogwash, Triggerman, Sancho Says, Sail On, Coalmine Pony, Neverland, Kill Devil Hills, 29th Bulletin, L.T.E.C.
Encore 1: The Wheel -> Plan #1
Encore 2: In Our Tree, You Lied -> Hyena, Kill Some Day

Notes: First show of the tour. Jacco van Rooij on drums, √ėyvind Brandtsegg on vibraphone. After "L.T.E.C." the show was interrupted for 30 minutes by a false fire alarm (which has happened before during other shows at this venue). "Triggerman" features a jam, "Coalmine pony" a vibraphone solo. "The wheel" is very long & jammed out. First performances of "Plan #1" & "Kill some day" since 2000.

Download two short but fairly descriptive video clips from the show here & here! You can tell the band is making a hell lot of noise & the optics are astounding! review here.

All 2006 setlists & notes on shows will be compiled here.

Videos & pictures by by Knut Skogstad -- thanks! Also thanks to Roar, Rolf & Vegard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great show from the hardest rocking band in the world!!

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Vegard said...

That rapidshare thing sucked hard. Isn't good for sharing video like that?

6:16 PM  
Anonymous jtr said...

Thanks for the clips! After recognizing good ol' Hogwash in the first clip, I nearly made me cry. But I still have a hard time finding out what the hell they play on that second vid? Anyone suggestions?

12:21 AM  

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