Tuesday, May 2

Berlin setlist

01.05.2006 -- Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany [145 min]
Attendance: 1200 (sold out)
Set: Sideway Spiral III, No Evil -> Hey Jane, In Our Tree, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, 29th Bulletin, Vanishing Point, Neverland, Triggerman, Before The Flood -> Bonny Lee -> Hogwash, Plan #1
Encore 1: You lied --> Hyena
Encore 2: Un Chien D'Espace

Notes: What everyone thought to be impossible the band managed to do this night: to raise the energy yet again & to surpass the incredible Rostock show by a hard rocking & spacy concert. Everyone feels very honoured to get "Un chien d'espace" as second encore. It's a 25 min heavy rendition, with an extremely angry psycho-funk monster jam in the middle. Snah's guitar is seriously out of tune at the end, so he has to struggle to get the notes right (and he fails in the very outro). The audience is great, even less talking than in Rostock, although the crowd is three times as big. Killerjam inside "Triggerman" highlighted by some sweet Snah solo. Towards the end of the very long "Bonny Lee" jam the band fluently goes into "Hogwash"-funk-mode & delivers the first verse & the chorus. The song had been left unfinished the day before & they spontaneously reprise it today, it was not on the written setlist. On the setlist but not played: "You are".

I will add more notes to Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg & particutarly the FANTASTIC Rostock experience tomorrow (or the day after) when I will be back from Hamburg! The last three setlists have been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology!


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