Friday, April 28

Halden setlist

27.04.2006 -- Samfundet, Halden, Norway [120 min]

Attendance: 250
a song by Twisted Sister
: Sideway Spiral lll, In Our Tree, No Evil -> Kill Devil Hills, Sancho Says, Coalmine Pony, Triggerman, L.T.E.C. -> Tristano, 29th Bulletin, Devil Dog -> Hyena, You Lied
Encore 1: Kill Some Day, You lose

Notes: A superb show with a chrystal clear sound! This is a good week-day crowd in an intimate venue. The gig starts at 21:30 with only around 10 people present in the beginning, so Bent talked for a long time in order to get people into the concert hall. Everybody smiles, with Bent being in a particular good mood today, making jokes about his football shirt. Jacco playes the concert of his life -- he is everywhere, almost smashing the cymbals to pieces. "Kill devil hills" is the noisy version again & "Sancho says" contains a long spaced out jam. The transition between "L.T.E.C." & "Tristano" is fluent & nice. This is "Tristano"'s tour debut. It is a very good version, quite spaced out yet very tight, it runs for 15 minutes. During the drum-break of "You lied" Jacco takes takes it down to a bossanova rythm & plays it for a while, very much to the suprise of Bent & Snah who started staring at Jacco with an akward frown on their faces, and at the same time putting their arms accross their chests like they were saying "What the hell are you doing, man!". Suddenly they all burst into laughter and Jacco made an elegant transition back to the song. Bent also introduces Jacco to the audience at this point. Great soloing in most songs! In terms of tightness this show outplayed the previous one at Rockefeller.

Misc.: discuss

Many thanks to Martin, Gustav & Gaute. Picture taken by Gustav -- thanks a lot!

If you got more notes/info to share on the show e-mail me!

2006 Concert Chronology

The band plays Copenhagen tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sideway Spiral III
In our tree
No evil
Sancho Says->
Kill Devil Hills
Coalmine Pony (song about a horse :-))
LTEC-> (nice, fluent transition)
Tristano (*very* good version, quite spaced out, very tight, ~15 min)
The 29th Bulletin
Devil Dog->
You Lied
Kill Some day
You lose

4:17 AM  

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