Friday, May 5

Berlin videos

Motorpsycho live in Rostock or Berlin (by Michael "jtr" Wurzer)

While we are still waiting for recordings of Motorpsycho's current tour to start circulating we can enjoy 19 minutes of very cool video footage (recorded on a very good mobile phone) from the Berlin show in the meantime. Here are YouTube links to

Sideway Spiral III (2:37)
Triggerman jam (0:25)
Triggerman conclusion (2:39)
Bonny Lee (2:36)
Hogwash (2:59)
Plan #1 (2:14)
Hyena pt.1 (0:50)
Hyena pt.2 (0:49)
K9 intro (02:35)
K9 conclusion (2:29)

Several digital audience recordings were made at the show as well & an audio recording will most likely be made available (for download?) very soon...

Thank you to Bernd Dunker for the videos as well as good vibes before & during the Berlin show!

More than half of the dates of Motorpsycho's current tour have been played already, still seven shows to go until the tour finale in Darmstadt. Read the 2006 Concert Chronology to learn how the band has developed during the tour, to learn what could be your favourite show so far & to ponder what they might pull off next...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing, Alex. Not great quality, but still fun to watch.

10:17 PM  

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