Friday, May 5

Eindhoven setlist

04.04.2006 -- Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands [130 min?]
Set: Sideway Spiral III, Kill Some Day, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Triggerman, Sail On, The Ace, Manmower, Devil Dog, L.T.E.C. -> Un Chien D'Espace
Encore 1: You Lied -> Hyena
Encore 2: Sheer Heart Attack

Notes: Quite a special show tonight: Motorpsycho play the Effenaar for the 11th time, Eindhoven is Jacco's & Pidah's hometown & in addition they did mix "BH/BC" here. They honour the occasion with a special setlist: "Manmower" makes its tour debut tonight (last time played: Berlin 27.04.2000), "The Ace" & "L.T.E.C." haven't been played in six respectively five shows (since Norway) & the Queen cover "Sheer heart attack" is a drummer's choice & is played for the very first time. The crowd is less chatty than the one at Paradiso the night before. The band doesn't really come together until "Triggerman", from there on they're hot. The jam inside the 25 min "Un chien d'espace" starts out fast and furious and progresses from there. Snah is on fire, really really into whatever he was doing, extreme focus. Not surprisingly there is a full band introduction with Jacco getting the cheers he deserves from the home crowd.

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Thanks to Rune (hey!) for the notes.

Motorpsycho plays M√ľnster tonight. Have a look what they have played so far during this tour, here! If you want to share comments, notes, pics or corrections regarding the dutch shows, please drop me a line!


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