Wednesday, May 10

Biel setlist

09.05.2006 -- Coupole, Biel, Switzerland [120 min?]
Set: Triggerman, Sail On, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Before The Flood, Coalmine Pony, Kill Some Day, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Manmower, L.T.E.C., Plan#1
Encore 1: Hyena, You Lied, The Ace, Sheer Heart Attack
Encore 2: Feel

Notes: A very heavy show, very ROCK. The band is in great form & mood, very playful. The "Triggerman"-interlude, an extremely wonderful "Manmower" and the verses of "Plan#1" were among the only quiet parts of the show. "Sheer heart attack" makes a second appearance. There was a special show-poster for sale at this concert.

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Misc: discuss, flyer

This setlist has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology, which comprises all 2006 concerts played so far. Tonight it's Milan, the first of three Italian shows during this tour!


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