Wednesday, May 10

Concert reviews

Press reviews of the concerts have been few & far between. Quite expectedly the Trondheim I & Rockefeller shows got (raving) reviews but the continental press does not seem to care. There are exceptions though: our very own traveling fan Thorsten Schmidt extensively reviewed the two consecutive shows in Rostock & Berlin for & (fellow Pearl Jam-fan & music-lover) Thomas Welsch contributed a spot-on review for Click here to read the Rostock/Berlin review & here for the Köln review (both in German only).

All reviews have been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology, just scroll down to the show in question & have a look at the Misc. section.

If you know of any more concert reviews or if you want to contribute a concert review of your own to MotorpsychoNews drop me an e-mail! Thanks!


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