Thursday, March 16

"BH/BC" reviewed

As the album reviews keep pouring in it already becomes clear that "BH/BC" will be an album that will harvest highest critical acclaim. You can read, post & discuss the various reviews in the UnOff's discussion forums, respectively in the media forum!

So far, bad reviews have been few & far between. One review stands out as particularly undifferentietaded & it has spawned quite a few pissed off comments so far. The review is full of cheap puns on the band & we'll have to thank The other Anders for going the extra mile & giving the translation a shot. For a good laugh here it is:


Duo, I and Motorpsycho (* -- see below for notes)
by Martin Thronsen

Then Motorpsycho were here again - not only as a duo, they are also back in megalomania-land with yet another double album.

It's a very visible pattern, when one paper receives a release before all the others, that the score on the dice often ends up suspiciously high. The rest of the herd of reviewers follow. The result, some would argue, is that the record company has more or less managed to direct reviewer consensus.

I think this is what is happening with this album. "Black Hole/Blank Canvas" is not far from ending up as a huge and important album in Norwegian rock history, something it is not by any means.

So, how does it sound? Dark, overwhelming and in some degree excessive, like previous double deckers like "Demon Box" and "Timothy's Monster"? Or do they have a go on softer, more concise and immideate tones like "Let Them Eat Cake" and "Phanerothyme"?

I guess you can say that it has ended up as a double dose of gold and pebbles side by side, even if it after all is a little bit more daring than their last album, "It's A Love Cult".

Bent Sæther, who for the occasion also has picked up the drum sticks of departer Gebhardt, screams and whistles(**) his way through compositions containing a lot of things; heavy, riff-based stoner sounds, westcoast rock, emo, psychedelia, pop, you name it - Motorpsycho is there.

It stretches from the bent out of shape to the beautifully grandiose to the sparse to the rumbling to the noisy. From Elvira Nikolaisen(***) to Captain Beefhart and back again, if you like. And it is not necessarily anything negativ in such a leap, as long as the content grabs you. I do not experience that it does so very often here, and under any circumstances not often enough to justify this double mastodon.

And then I it doesn't really matter anymore.

(*) It's a cheap pun based on a cildrens song called "Du, Jeg og Vi To" ("You, I and the Two of Us")

(**) To emit a shrill, sharp, high-pitched cry, as some birds and other animals.

(***) Current Norwegian singer/songwriter with some success right now

If you like you can drop Martin Thronson a mail here, telling him what you think of the review.

Meanwhile, Stickman has been really ambitious with the mailorder as "BH/BC" already starts arriving at people's places -- even as far away as Canada -- so expect your copy very soon!


Anonymous Paul said...

(**) To emit a shrill, sharp, high-pitched cry, as some birds and other animals.

No arguing there? It's not an unfair review, is it?

1:57 PM  

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