Thursday, March 9

Rostock show added

With many thanks to Stickfrau, here comes another concert-date: Rostock (Germany), April 30, 2006 at Mau Club (capacity 900). Motorpsycho has never played Rostock before.

This very date makes for some very convenient travelling for the Copenhagen-Rostock-Berlin run: there is a reasonably priced bus between Copenhagen & Berlin & it happens to stop in Rostock. Of course I will have to abandon my intended off-day in Copenhagen (Walpurgisnight!) but who wouldn't trade that for a Motorpsycho show?! See you there! :-)

See the updated tour-schedule here. It's very likely we can cross either Gothenburg or Halden off that list because at one point the band will have to take an off-day -- it's already one hell of a tight intinerary. Which band plays seven shows in a row anyway? Amazing!


Anonymous jtr said...

doesnt really add to this topic, but i just discovered that there are two new press photos over at the stickman site. check 'em out!

9:42 PM  
Anonymous hippie campfire chick said...

"Which band plays seven shows in a row anyway?"

A Silver Mt Zion, that's who, but they nearly double it! Have a look at the just-announced if you don't believe me...
09 MAY 2006 Ljubiljana, SLO Kud France Prescren
10 MAY 2006 Pordenone, IT Velvet Rock Club
11 MAY 2006 Bologna, IT Covo
12 MAY 2006 Bergamo, IT Zero Music
13 MAY 2006 Roma, IT Circolo Artisti
14 MAY 2006 Genova, IT Stazio Fiera
15 MAY 2006 Luzern, CH Boa
16 MAY 2006 Koln, GER GEBAUDE 9
17 MAY 2006 Berlin, GER Maria
18 MAY 2006 Hamburg, GER Knust
19 MAY 2006 Amsterdam, NL Paradiso
20 MAY 2006 Diksmuide, BE 4AD

Yes, that's TWELVE in a ROW...and not a band that cracks the same jokes between songs or recycles set lists night after night. Just so you know!

10:24 PM  
Blogger khm said...

amazing! and thanks for the heads up, i will def make sure to see the berlin show :)

10:28 PM  

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