Tuesday, March 7

Complete "BH/BC" artwork

Paul Caspers was so nice to scan the artwork of his promo-copy of "Black hole/Blank Canvas" -- thank you very much, Paul! If you want to know how the "BH/BC" artwork really looks like go to this post (or just scroll down to the post before "Gent & Bergen reviewed"). Of course, this is potential spoiler material, so if you want to be suprised do not scroll down. Let me just say that it's really beautiful.

In other news, the norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen ran the first Norwegian review of the new album today. Apperently we are talking a raving review: the record gets six out of six stars & the review concludes it's their best record ever. Thanks to The other Anders.

The new album will be out March 17 -- pre-order your copy at Stickman Records!


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