Thursday, February 16

Reduced to the max!

Indigo, Stickman's German distribution service, updated its site with a better resolution scan of the "BH/BC" artwork (see below). They comment on the album as follows:

"Reduced to the max: The Norwegians rock again!
Yes, it is a double-album! After three years Motorpsycho reemerge as a duo with a grand, epic & dark meisterwerk. “Black hole/Blank canvas” is the Norwegians' first album without longtime drummer Håkon Gebhardt. Strings & horns are missing as well, the arrangements are comparetively sparse, and Bent Sæther & Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan played all the instruments themselves. “All or none?” was the question & in the best motorpsychodelic tradition the two of them decided to kick out the jams! This double-album rocks like no other of their efforts. That’s how Motorpsycho sound when not thinking about how they should sound. Reduced to the max – an organic power plant, which will alternately make ones ears glow & the heart dance. “Black hole/Blank canvas” is mature sensibility coupled with youthful power, is Sonic Youth/My Bloody Valentine, is pure energy, which blazes a trail to ones conscience only to stay there. There will be a limited edition.


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