Friday, February 17

"Black hole/Blank canvas"

Motorpsycho will release their first studio album in three years on March 17, 2006. It will be called "Black hole/Blank canvas" & it will be a double LP/CD. There will be a limited edition. Compare the press-release here.

Here is the tracklisting:

CD 1:
1) No Evil
2) In Our Tree
3) Coalmine Pony
4) Kill Devil Hills
5) Critical Mass
6) The 29th Bulletin
7) Devil Dog
8) Triggerman

CD 2:
1) Hyena
2) Sancho Says
3) Sail On
4) The Ace
5) L.T.E.C.
6) You Lose
7) Before The Flood
8) Fury On Earth
9) With Trixeene Through The Mirror, I Dream With Open Eyes

There are numerous references to be found, compare this & this post.

The artwork was created by Kim Hiorth√ły.

Motorpsycho will tour Europe in support of "BH/BC", go here to see the tour dates.

Discuss the album with other Motorpsycho fans here!


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