Tuesday, May 16

Darmstadt setlist

14.05.2006 -- Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany [155 min]
Set: Sideway Spiral III, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Triggerman -> Manmower -> Triggerman, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Hyena -> You lied -> The wheel -> Plan #1
Encore 1: Vanishing Point, Sail On, Neverland
Encore 2: Jam -> Un Chien D'Espace -> Timothy In The Magic City -> Un Chien D'Espace

Notes: This is the last show of the tour & the band makes it a worthy & inspired final concert. The audience enjoys a PERFECT sound, this might very well be one of the clearest & most detailed sounds ever produced at a Motorpsycho show, simply stunning! Generally this is a great venue, which allows the band to stage a really wide-screen Motorpsycho show. The mood is geat & relaxed tonight, smiles everywhere as well as lots of interaction & interplay between all players. Before "Triggerman" Bent says they will try something they haven't tried before & that it might take a while. Jokingly he encourages the audience to go to the bar if it might take too long. Off they go into the wonderful "Triggerman/Manmower"-sandwich, with fluent & tender segues. This 22 minute jam climaxes in a beautiful "Manmower"-solo, THE most moving moment of the show, not of this world! "Kill devil Hills -> Devil dog" is apocalyptic, with even more feedback than usual & they nail every note! Jacco gets an introduction during an extended drum-break in "You lied". "The wheel" is very well-developped. Patiently & carefully they jam through the first passages before they introduce the main riff for a massive neverending jam, which is dominated by Snah but Bent adds a lot of extra lyrics & the jam also takes some really unexpected turns. This version clocks in 27 minutes. When they return for the first encore Bent jokingly demands that the audience gives them "the traditional German line U-A-E", making the crowd give them another short "Zugabe"-choir. He then mentions that this is the last night of the tour & adds that "first we will rock out some more & then we will space out a bit more, so everybody hang loose". The first encore rocks competently indeed, the band is very animated. By the time they return to the stage to perform a 35 minute version of "Un chien" they have captivated every listener, the whole place listens quietly & amazed. This version of "Un chien" is amazingly altered & jammed out, they add new turns & twists everywhere & the improvisation goes through several inspired ideas. Even before the very intro the band creates a 7 minutes space improvisation that picks up some of the themes that have introed "Un chien" so far. The main jam starts off with the by now familiar riff (i.e. also performed in Berlin) but soon the band telepathically goes through clearly distinct ideas, passages, tempi within the blink of an eye. One of the jams inside this most amazing "Un chien" is indeed "Timothy in the magic city", complete with lyrics. Towards the end of the suite they go into an extremely fast-paced jam. Instead of kicking back in with the main theme after Bent has sung the second lyrics Snah suddenly & puzzingly strums half a minute of real chaos guitar & THEN they go back into "Un chien" with all its might. Although the guitars are extremely out of tune in the end they extend the ending of this extraordinarily inspired, varied, rich & long "Un chien", which continues a string of extremely spaced out shows in Darmstadt (compare 2000 & 2001). A great ending to a great tour!

Misc.: discuss, Echo-online.de review

This final set completes the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I.


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