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Hell yeah, Ladies & Gentlemen -- HGH have just scored their biggest engagement to date: They will support the increasingly & already immensely popular fellow Norwegians Kaizers Orchestra during the second part of the final leg of their "Maestro"-tour, according to!

Despite relentless touring since 2000, HGH, Norway's soulful traveling preachers in support of love, tolerance & movement, have never faced yet crowds so big! Their support slot for Kaizers Orchestra will expose them to almost 800 people (or more) every night, which is 10 to 15 times as much as a HGH headlining show would draw -- in other words: during one single night with Kaizers Orchestra HGH will perform to as many people as during an entire tour of their own!

The joint HGH/Kaizers tour calls at:

21.11.2006 Cologne, Germany Live Music Hall
22.11.2006 Bochum, Germany Zeche
23.11.2006 Nuremberg, Germany Hirsch
24.11.2006 Munich, Germany Backstage
25.11.2006 Wien, Austria Wuk
26.11.2006 Zürich, Switzerland Rote Fabrik
28.11.2006 Berlin. Germany Postbanhof
29.11.2006 Hamburg, Germany Uebel & Gefaerlich
30.11.2006 Gent, Belgia Handelsbeurs
01.12.2006 Groningen, Holland Oosterpoort
02.12.2006 Amsterdam, Holland Melkweg
03.12.2006 Utrecht, Holland Tivoli
06.12.2006 Århus, Danmark Train
07.12.2006 Copenhagen, Danmark Vega

The first part of the Kaizers tour, which comprises dates in Scandinavia, will feature Geoff Berner as support. Tickets to the shows are on sale already, expect them to sell out well in advance!

HGH features the incredible talents of Håkon Gebhardt, formerly of Motorpsycho, and Martin Hagfors of Homegroan & Groan Alone cult-fame! The duo has issued four albums so far (their debut as a trio though), available on Stickman Records.

MotorpsychoNews likes to congratulate HGH for the great opportunity to spread their message & gain exposure for their art. Also congrats to the Herren Kaizer for their great choice! I am looking forward to this great & entertaining concert evening (at either Berlin's Postbahnhof or Copenhagen's Vega)!

Thank you to Jette Krabbe, our one & only connoisseur of Norwegian music for the early heads-up & as always to The other Anders for translation help! Gasmask-picture also by Jette Krabbe, taken at Berlin's Knaack Club in 2004.


Anonymous michaeljtr said...

Oh YEAH, Vienna! Gonna be there. Wuk is also a very nice venue, can just recommend anyone in the vicinity to travel to this concert. Also, looking forward to perhaps meet Geb again.

6:27 PM  

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