Thursday, September 7

Sensory pleasures: HGH on film!

Motorpsycho has spawned very few side-projects to this day, which is quite strange for a band of their creativity & work-ethos, but it's probably just another feature of their formula for significant art/music & success: to devote everything fully to the one project, no compromises. This statement reminds eerily of Gebhardt's departure from Motorpsycho last year, and yes, that's where I am heading: there is one sideproject, however, who many of us are familiar with, HGH, Geb's main outlet for creativity these days. Anyone who has attended one of their lovely concerts in Norway, Germany, Holland or Italy over the years will recall it with the sweetest smile on his/her face!

You can now watch HGH on film/DVD & bring back that sweet feeling! This is the first time ever footage of HGH is being made available! We are talking a 35 minute excerpt of one of their German shows (Osnabrück @ Ostbunker 22.01.2002), featuring following songs: Dead Cat, Paranoia, Sin Song, Garbage In The Mud, Love Song, Who Placed The Ark In Arkansas, Damned Cat, Trash Grass as well as an interview! The DVD is available for download at Dime, hop on that torrent, make it fly & spread the word of love, tolerance & movement!

Here are some screenshots:

So many thanks to Martin Schmidt (and Elektrolurch) for filming, authoring & seeding the DVD!

HGH are always on tour, check their dates here! Also, please please please support the art of Martin Hagfors -- his healing voice & songs deserve everyone's attention!

If this doesn't satisfy your hunger for sensory pleasures check out HGH in Hamburg 2001, or torrents with recordings of Motorpsycho in Japan 2003, at the For Noise Festival 2006 as well as in Brussels 2006.

Motorpsycho will tour Norway next month!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hy alex, diese dvd wollte ich das letzte mal mitbringen, wenn wir es geschafft hätten uns mal zu treffen..;0) aber so geht es ja auch! viel spass damit! schöne grüsse! norman

8:56 PM  
Anonymous michael jtr said...

I have got to get some CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, my hard drive is getting plastered with bootlegs lately. Anyway, tusentakk for this boot, I'm looking very forward to seeing it.

10:23 PM  

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