Saturday, August 12

First fall concert dates!

It seems as if the gods have waited for Motorpsycho's very impressive, almost cinematic Øyafestival-performance to be staged until they leaked the news: the day before yesterday Rockefeller confirmed a Motorpsycho show for October 24, 2006 & yesterday revealed a Motorpsycho two night stand at Trondheim's Blaest, October 20.-21., 2006! This is most likely (hopefully!) just a harbinger of a more extensive tour; Rockefeller tickets have gone onsale already! That's just a short note for now only -- because it's too good a news to not be shared! -- but unfortunately I do not have the time for an appropriate update of MotorpsychoNews right now because I am thoroughly consumed by other music this weekend...:

She said-she said
You wanna go for a ride?
I got no more money to burn
And i'm gonna stay up all night-
(G. Dulli)

Don't worry, I'll take you for the ride!


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