Thursday, August 3

Haldern tomorrow - webcast?

Motorpsycho will play the first of three summer-festival concerts tomorrow (August 04th, 2006) at Germany's Haldern Pop Festival. It will be the band's first performance since their show at Darmstadt's Centralstation on May 14th 2006, the finale of the "Black hole/Blank canvas"-tour, which was the band's first proper tour of Europe since fall 2002. In addition to Haldern Motorpsycho will perform at Switzerland's For Noise & Oslo's Oya Festival -- compare the summer tour schedule for dates & details! It is being expected that the band will be back for a fall tour, though no dates are known yet.

Those of us who can't make it to any of the three festival shows can now hope for a live webcast of the Haldern appearance. The online portal has announced "live webstreams of selected acts from Haldern Pop Festival" - although details are still pending. Motorpsycho are due on Haldern's stage tomorrow evening at 21:40, so just keep checking back to BeSonics news page for the possible webcast.

MotorpsychoNews aims to cover the upcoming shows as detailed as possible -- with your help: if you are going to attend one or more of the next three shows please drop me an e-mail if you feel like sharing setlists, notes, personal reviews, general observations, pictures, sounds & videos as well as ticket-, poster- & setlistscans etc -- compare MotorpsychoNews' coverage of the spring tour here!

Thank you very much to T. for the news about the webcast!


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