Monday, June 12

Interview supplement

Snah's interview in my previous post had been truncated by five questions. Akane was so nice to provide the full interview now (not available on g35 or the forum before). I simply updated the post below with the new questions/answers & highlighted them with yellow font. Thanks again to Akane!


Anonymous michael jtr said...

Very very nice - thanks a lot to akane for making this public.

Just a thought: according to this article, Geb quit the band in 2003!?? This seems rather weird, as Bent stated in his press release, that he "is no longer a member as of April 2005" (or such, cant remember exactly).
And this would mean Geb is a Tussler member whatsoever, because he would've been part of the band after he dropped out. But I think possibly they misprinted this...

9:38 PM  

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