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One of the million reasons why many fans travel to see multiple Motorpsycho shows during one tour is the everchanging, unpredictable setlist the band will play at any given show -- one can never know what tune they are going to open with, what tune they will use to space out on & what kind of one-off peformance they will pull out of their hats. Naturally a written setlists by one of the band members (or the crew) is one of the coolest & sometimes most revealing souvenirs a fan can obtain after the concert. Most setlists are individually designed, very often including malapropisms & jokes on song-titles, local references or even little drawings -- after all there is probably no better way to remember a spaced out version of "K9" than to look at the list & have it it charmingly listed as "Ein Hund das Weltraum", just as they did it on the Darmstadt (14.05.2006) setlist.

During the last tour deviations from the planned setlist were pretty common (cf. the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I), usually it was Bent who spontaneously decided to omit or add songs or change the sequence. For these occasions it is quite revealing to have a look at the actual setlist afterwards & see what they intended to play & to speculate why they (he) decided to alter it.

Here is a number of setlists from the last tour. I am delighted these include all but one setlist of the shows I saw during the tour -- It's been the greatest fun staring at, digesting, cherishing & analyzing them overwhelmed & exhausted after the concerts. A huge & warm thank you to Susann Franke for collecting, scanning & sharing them.

29.04.2006, The Rock, Copenhagen (DK)

Here they stuck to the setlist, though due to the venue's curfew they ommited the encore "You lied" which is not listed on this setlist but was listed on another setlist. And what might "Critical mast" stand for?

30.04.2006, Mau Club, Rostock (D)

The setlist to an incredible concert, as Pidah told us before the show: "Lots of oldies tonight". Gotta love the "Un chien d'Rostock[whatever]"! During the show before "You lied" Bent steps to Snah & signals him to not go into "Hogwash" after "Hyena". They omit "Before the flood" eventually & deliver "Hogwash" as a great first encore/concert closer.

01.05.2006, Postbahnhof, Berlin (D)

The most noteworthy fact about this setlist is that the "Hogwash"-reprise which was performed between "Bonny Lee" & "Plan #1" is not listed. "You lose", listed as possible first encore choice, is being left out, had they performed it the lenght of this show would have been well over two & a half hours.

02.05.2006, Fabrik, Hamburg (D)

Another night where they stuck to the setlist for the most part, with one major exception: they omit "L.T.E.C." which was obviously planned as a jam part that would lead up to "The wheel". It's one of the new songs I did not manage hearing being performed live. Most unfortunately I came just THIS close...

03.05.2006, Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)

No setlist deviations here. I'm loving the different "design" though, as well as the way the segues are indicated.

07.05.2006, Cirque Royal, Brussels (B)

Another setlist with a major omission: they do not play "The wheel". Also another local variation on "Un chien d'espace".

08.05.2006, Live Music Hall, Köln (D)

This setlist does not divide between first & second encore. The encore is indicated as "O.A.E." hinting at Bent's perception of the common German "Zugabe"-chant (compare the notes to the Darmstadt show). Apparently they got so carried away with a very long version of "Manmower" that they decided to skip "Vanishing point" & "Before the flood" & make "Hogwash" the second encore of this outstanding & long show.

Links to these setlists have been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I. If you can provide scans to other setlists please e-mail me, it's greatly appreciated!


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